Friday, January 29, 2010

Are All "Crossroads" Haunted?

This came up recently in a discussion. Wouldn't there be many sightings of ghosts at crossroads? Why? You may ask. In centuries before highwaymen or anyone caught doing misdeeds. And, charged with a crime. The were usually hanged at a crossroad. Some were just left there to teach a lesson to anyone thinking of anything that might result the same to them.
But, your wondering. Why the crossroads? People in the past were more superstitious. They believe you can cause the "spirit" to not find the right path to heaven. It's to confuse the spirit to leave it in limbo forever. This was a common sight in Europe. But, the same was done in the US.
The Burlington County Jail in NJ had at least one hanging was done about 4 miles from the jail at a crossroad. I wonder what was the reason? They had a gallows in the side yard of the prison.
So, why aren't there more sightings? Many people really don't know this little known fact. And, maybe hauntings do occur.
The Hangman tarot card means that you are at a crossroad. Suicides were buried at a crossroad. And, it's at a crossroad where Robert Johnson the famous blues singer sold his soul to the devil.
So, the next time you stop at a crossroad in the middle of the night. Take a look! See if you see a mist or a movement. It just may be a spirit.


  1. Very cool observation. I don't think I'd want to hang out where I was hung, but it's entirely possible there's residual. Symbolically, the crossroads are the place you most need to arrive and the one you're least likely to want to arrive at.

  2. To be honest I live near where there are these open fields. And, you find yourself at these eerie crossroads (day or night). My hairs on my arm stand up on end.