Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are We Really "Helping" The "Other Side"?

Look, I love GA! Believe me I do! For entertainment that is. I enjoy as of late watching the "Paranormal Challenge". But, and there's a big BUT.
Something came into my mind while watching. These "spirits" were once "us".  They were alive at one time. With a life history behind them. Whether it was good or bad.
As us "living beings".  We have our everyday lives to contend with. Working, hobbies, cooking, shopping, health, family, etc.  For me it seems rather ludicrous to continuously saying your doing an "investigation". On what? The same story, same spirits, the same-the same. You know what I mean. It's never changing.
Me being a believer in "the other side" and religious. I believe once a so called investigation is done. Sit down and figure out with your colleagues. Do we help this poor spirits, cast them away to the four winds, or do we just stop harassing these poor people, and really help them. What bothers me mostly with the EVP's, these spirits are struggling to communicate. And us as the living person really don't know them, personally. So hearing an investigator getting angry, demanding, yelling. It's very painful to watch. You have to think. Would you want all these people coming into your "spirit reality" doing this to you?  How can they stop you. Yes, you get a reaction. Like a scratch. It doesn't mean their bad (I know what's said about this, and I disagree). They just want you to stop.
I would like to see future investigations training people to really "help".  I mean not saying, "Oh, it's ok here. Just learn to live together".
In mostly these old mental institutions, hospitals, etc. We should really help them to get the peace they are looking for.