Thursday, June 16, 2011

Looking Forward For The Travel Channel's "Paranormal Challenge"

No, not the Amazing Randy's "Paranormal Challenge". But, Zak Bagans "Paranormal Challenge" tomorrow on the Travel Channel (What happened to Nick and Aaron? Just asking). I know some of you guys probably saying, "Isn't this like Ghost Hunters Academy?".  Not really.  I believe what Zak's is trying to do is to show us that there are other groups out there.  That run the same investigating practices as GA. I hope not "over the top"? But, that wouldn't surprise me and would be very entertaining. Can't wait!
PS: Zak has a new clothing line coming out. He's one very busy man!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Paranormal Shows Slowdown? I Told You So!

Boy, like the new GEICO commercial. I've been living under-a-rock lately.
Just found out  "Paranormal State" is not coming back. I know, I know, how didn't she know about this? Well, I've been busy with what we call "life" I guess? Nothing wrong with that. But this really took me aback? I would never guess that they would leave so soon.
Lately I've notice that all these shows are coming back for each new season, longer and longer. Hey, when I heard "Most Haunted" left not long after they created a new "Paranormal Channel" in the UK. Maybe this was the beginning of a "sign"?
So, the reality is: "This was all a fad!". Oh, not for me. I've always been involved in the paranormal. All my entire life.
Let me go back in time a bit: When I first noticed that this was just a fad? Is when you noticed all these websites popping up all over the place (Including my own-I'll get to that in a second). Forums, magazines, paranormal groups, paranormal gear, paranormal newspapers, paranormal blogs, ghost tours, etc. They all seem to have something in common. They really don't have a clue about the paranormal. I mean a "real" clue. They just know what they have seen and read that has been started mainly by the shows. All of a sudden they became experts overnight. As time have been ticking by you see the "slow down". One by one, groups closing, websites stopped, less ghost tours, and so on. It's what I predicted (their just running off to "The next big thing!).
As for myself? I started this blog because of what I've been seeing. And it got me a little ticked off. So, I went on my own writing what was on my mind. And this was one of my first discussions on my blog a couple of years ago.  It came back full circle.
(I'll get back to writing about paranormal locations soon)

*"American Ghost Hunter-The Movie": Tour Tickets/Info.(Ryan & Chad)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

GL TV Review: Syfy's "Haunted Collector".

What can I say? John Zaffis is the Grand Daddy of all the paranormal investigators that are out there today (To me? It's Hans Holzer).
But to tell you the truth? He's starting out from the gate a little too late. Which to me is sad. I know there are some people out there who watched the show and said, "Who the heck is -this- guy?" "He doesn't know what he's talking about!". If you like "Ghost Hunters" then look no further then Zaffis. He was their Yoda.
Now that I cleared the air about this issue. On about the show!
I love, love, love that he mentioned about the fact that you can do an investigation during "the daytime". I have written about this issue a couple of years ago. Thank you for clearing that up!  But (and there's a big But)! As for objects retaining an imprint of a haunting (I have written about this also)? I'm very much on the fence. If this is true! Then we can blame everything that's going on with the country today on "The Hope Diamond". If that was so easy. 
All in all, I did enjoy the show! Very interesting stuff I must say. Can't wait for next week!