Friday, July 31, 2009

Popcorn Movie Review: "Death of a Ghosthunter" (DVD)

I have read about this movie for awhile on several forums. People writing, "Did you see that movie?", "Is it really based on a true story?". So, the other day I was at my son's house fiddling with his Netflix account to see what movies I wanted to see. And, low and behold! There it was! "Death of a Ghosthunter". I saw the movie.
It's very obvious that they are semi-copying "Blair Witch". The make believe "bad filming" part, get it? So, this goes on pretty much the majority of the film. Oh, there is a story line, if that's what you want to know. But, I have to say, it wasn't bad. Why, you should ask? Because the "good stuff" doesn't come on the the scene until 3/4 of the way into the film. And, that's a good thing. Your there watching the film all bleary eyed and all. Then, "POW", the really story kicks in. And, you say to yourself, "What?. Did I miss something here?". It keeps you at the edge of your seat.
For me, the movie reminds me of the B-movies of the sixties (I posted about this before about the movie houses back then). Anyway, I'm surprise this doesn't have a cult following, yet. But, it will. The ending is not to be missed. This is the kind of movie you want to watch with a big group of people, beer and pizza. Because you can make all the noise you want (razzes, laughing, gasping). Makes for a great night at the movies right in your own home.

**** Popcorn Buckets

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crystal Skulls. Are They Real?

There had been claims of paranormal, healing and the supernatural associated with the skulls. Their made of milky quartz crystal rock. And, some believe that they are of Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican artifacts, or other Native American mythologies. But, the real nitty-gritty is they were probably made in Europe around the 19th century. All the skulls around that time all came from Eugene Babau, an antiquities dealer from Paris. The reason people believe them to be geniune is because of an article written by William Henry Holmes, a Smithsonian archaeologist called "The Trade in Spurious Mexican Antiquities". In recent years they have been through intense examinations from well respected scientists. And, found that crystal rock itself may have come from Africa or Brazil. And, the cuts and markings may have come from tools used during the 19th century.
As for paranormal? There has been speculation that the skulls are connected to the Maya calender b'ak'tun-cycle. The dreaded "Dec. 21, 2012". It is claimed that by re-uniting of the thirteen (nobody knows how many are out there) skulls will forestall the ending of man.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Portals and Vortexes. What Are They?

First, to be honest. I still don't get it. But, I'll pass to you what I found so far.
Portals: A "third light" (somehow you have to see three first) means an opening, entrance, door, gateway, light. The "light" is not seen until the time of death. At that time a person's spirit may pass through. And, this opens up to heaven (or to where ever they go?). It may even open up in another area nearby (so it seems you don't know where it will open). But, if a portal is left opened or is opened up by someone having the ability to do so. Or, even just not closed. Entities who have not been released (because they can't see the light) will haunt the place they remained after death. Thus causing a "haunting".

Vortex: Is exactly how it sounds. Like a tornado. They can usually be seen in photographs. It's some sort of disturbance in the fabric of space and/or time. You will see anomalies, like an orb pass through. It's an opening to another dimension. And, this is seen as dangerous. There are "huge" vortexes such as the Bermuda Triangle, The Two Poles (N&S), Easter Island Colossi, etc.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Underwater Ghost Hunting. Yes, Really!

Lee Ehrlich-Paranormal Divers website (div. of Ghostpros) investigate wrecks, caves and underwater ghost towns throughout the US. Using very unique equipment for ghost hunting underwater. They have their own production company too. They have just filmed three TV-news specials. And, you can hear them on When diving at sites they also do EVP work. So, far their expeditions include Sunshine Skyway, Haunted Lake at Levine Manor, Deep Aquifer, and USS Spiegel Grove. Their website doesn't make it very clear to how they investigated or what they have found (it's said they have caught some strange sounds)? Their more involved in the equipment they use. If they can fix and clean up their website, it would be awesome. But, it still sounds very cool just the same.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ley Lines: What Are They?

I've just watched the last Ghost Adventures show series (for now). Love those guys! But, anyway, they were at Ram Inn in England. And, they were talking about "ley lines". I have never heard of this before, ever!
So, this is what I found out.
Ley (leys) Line are straight lines on a map pin pointing one site to another. The sites are usually ancient or holy sites.
Alfred Watkins, an Englishman, rediscovered the lines in 1921. He believed the lines were prehistoric trading routes.
Occultist Dion Forture believed, in her novel "The Goat-Foot God" these were "lines of power" or cosmic energy and had connections with UFO's.
In South America these lines are called Nazca Lines. These are huge figures of animals, people and geometric patterns outlined on the ground. That were created in ancient times. There are lines that go from on figures to another. The most odd thing about these figures. They can only be seen from hundreds of feet in the air. Which made people think this had to be landing pads for UFO's.

The Society of Ley Hunters
Ley Lines and Vortices's of the American West

Friday, July 24, 2009

Book Review: Ghost Hunting By Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson

I have read the book awhile ago. So, I thought it was about time I write my take on it.
"Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena From The Atlantic Paranormal Society" By Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson with Michael Jan Friedman.
Well, for starters I'm not impressed. Half the book is really based on the TV show Ghost Hunters series. I mean the actual cases they show on the show. Which they have the DVD for sale on it also. So, it's a little redundant. The first part is to explain how they met. How they got involved in the paranormal (that's the ONLY part that's interesting). Jason "still" doesn't explain what happened to him to why he got involved. How they started TAPS. And, to finish it, complaint of some of their former members (not a surprise). Nice, huh! There's a few typos in the book (which surprised me, yes I'm terrible too). If your a hardcore fan of GH. Then you will want to buy the book for your GH collection. But, for others that just like reading books about the paranormal. I don't recommend it. It's disappointing.
Their going to release a new book soon. Pre-orders are being done on Amazon now. "Seeking Spirits: The Lost Cases of The Atlantic Paranormal Society" (paperback).
Jason Hawes has written screenplays-and four sci-fi/thriller stories.
And, Grant Wilson has written Fantasy novels.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eye Care 101: Before Ghost Hunting

When ghost hunting in the dark you have to get your eyes adjusted first before you investigate.
Your eyes can improve after 10 minutes. But, you true night vision is after 30 minutes. Peripheral vision is more sensitive in a low-light situations. To keep your eyes still adjusted to the dark (going from room to room) from a different light setting certain things need to be done first. Either close your eyes tightly, or squint your eyelids before entering a room. If you can't do either place your hand over your eyes. This is because if you look at "any" light source, no matter how dim it effects whatever your seeing. Scan, don't stare! Protect your night vision. Use only low-power lights, like a watch dial. Cover your flashlight with something red. Paint it with red nail polish. This is so your rod cells in your eyes don't get affected from the light. Wear an eye patch. Pirates didn't just wear it because of a loss of an eye. It was that they wanted the one good eye open that sees better in the dark.
Also, a general good old eye exam should be done. Check your eyes of any damage or diseases. I personally have what they call "floaters" in my eyes. Some people experience, "flashes". Floaters are when the vitreous begin to break down into the mixture of clear liquid and pieces of debris floats in your eyes. Which appear as specks of dust, lint, lines, twigs, or spiders. Flashes of light look like shooting stars, sparks, or an arc of light.
It's smart to do general contact lenses care. And, a good pair of glasses. Both prescriptions should be no older then 2 years old. And, always kept clean.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are Hex Signs Just Decorations? Or, Is It Pow-wow?

I live near what we call Pennsylvania Dutch Country. As you pass by the many farms you will see Hex Signs hanging from barns and houses (and other items) along the way. Hex signs were always seen as to ward off misfortune and evil spells. But, over the years there have been scholars arguing of the true meaning behind them. Many want to see them as "ethnic symbolism". The signs are only used by the Fancy Dutch, not the Amish. There are even people called Hexologists that say these signs are rooted in traditional folk art, such as "distlefink".
Pow-wow is an American folk religion and magic associated with the Pennsylvania Dutch.
There is a book called Pow-wows, or The Long Friend by John George Hohman in 1820. . Despite the Native name, from the Algonquian Indian word meaning Medicine Men. Or, how some of us see the word meaning a get-together. The book holds traditional European magic spells, recipes, and folk remedies. These were used to cure simple domestic ailments and rural trouble. As to hex, hex work, or Speilwert symbols of pentagrams are thought to have talismanic properties. A pow-wow practitioner used the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. And, originally brought these books from Germany. The books contain cabalistic magic, which claims to have magic art by which Moses obtained his powers and commanded spirits. Another practice of pow-wow magic is the Himmelsbrief or "Heaven's Letter" and Teufelsbrief, a "devil's letter", which means to bestow a curse.
To me, personally, I believe hex signs are part of pow-wow magic. To say they are just "decorative" seems ridiculous.
Here's another book, written more recent. "Powwowing: A Persistent American Esoteric Tradition" by David W. Kriebel, Ph.D.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Forest Of Doom-Aokigahara, Japan

Aokigahara is a forest in Japan located at the bottom of Mt. Fuji. Which is also known as the "Sea of Trees". It's believed to be very haunted.
There's an annual body count in which volunteers combs the forest due to all the suicides. They are in search of bodies, bodies hanging from trees, and bones from even several years ago. There have been Japanese films based of the occurrences in the forest. In January 2009 there were 2,645 suicides, up 15 percent of the previous year.
Josh Gates of Destination Truth in 2008 ventured into the woods. It seemed to have been a wild ride for him and his crew. They saw apparitions and have captured EVPs. Even got lost due to the fact their compasses weren't working. They found an abandoned campsite. They found photos, cut-up credit cards.
People believe the forest is haunted by a "Aswang", a creature that attacks people. Some spiritualists believe it's the tree's themselves that are filled with malevolent energy. Accumulating centuries of spirits of those who took their lives that don't want you to leave.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why Aren't There More Ghosts?

Haven't anyone noticed that there seems to be very few ghosts? With a world that billions have lived and died? Why are there not more? I have my own personal theory behind that question.
I do believe that some people upon their death, move on. And, I also believe if a person did not want to die or maybe they died tragically. Their souls stay in another dimension. Until, maybe they accept their fate. Or, if someone helps them move on through prayers. Or, maybe (I'm not a big believer on this) they are waiting to be reincarnated. Because, to be frank. Me, that I'm a sensitive. I have been in very old places, spooky places. And, I feel absolutely nothing! Sometimes they'll say the place is haunted. Yeah, sure, maybe at one time. But, not now.
So, my point is. I believe "newer" places have a potential of being "more" haunted. With recent deaths. Then an older place. Nobody ever brought this theory up. If an older place is still haunted. It's because that person in life was a stubborn person or just evil. And, the reason they are still haunting is because these spirits are just plain mad that they are dead. The newer deceased are just trying to communicate for somebody to help them more on. Because they don't know how to? Or, they hang around until they find out on their own how to leave the place they are haunting. Which sounds so sad.
So, the next time you hear (mostly on Most Haunted) that a place is very old with history behind it. So, it must be very haunted. It's unusually not.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jean Lafitte's Oldest Bar In America, New Orleans, LA

It's still called a blacksmith shop. Jean and his brother Pierre got their start by crime and privateering. Their blacksmith shop was a front to sell smuggled goods to local merchants for a song. The goods were stolen from ships coming into New Orleans. They even eventually bought their own ships and an "island" called Barataria to speed up their business. Jean had many lovers including the wife of the Governor of the Louisiana Territory. Bottom Line: he got shut down because of it. During that time to kept money flowing in by engaging in changing his allegiance from France to the British, Cuba, and Columbia. And, back again. Where he stayed.
The fireplace is said to be haunted by Jean. It was used to cache his personal gold.
He's seen on the first floor. Cold spots, shoulders touched, some can see his face.
He's also been seen at a seated at a particular table which people claim they can smell cigar smoke. He's also seen in the Ladies Room.
There is also a woman seen on the second floor. People think it's Marie Laveau or Madame Delphine Lalaurie. The spirit seems to be attached to a mirror.
Jean's spirit is said to also haunt near the shore of New Orleans. Some has said they can see sails from a distance of a ghost fleet. They can hear the sails and cry of men. One fishing boat said they "saw" a man standing on their deck dressed in old clothes and then disappear.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Cyber Ghost Haunting From Your Home

Believe it or not, you can look for ghosts from your computer. There are plenty of websites that have cameras setup 24/7 around the world. This is great for people with insomnia. I don't know who started this? And, I would love to find out if there were any results. Hey, this is better then spending tons of cash on equipment and wondering around dangerous places the wee hours of the morning. This is in a castle About 20 web cams on this site

This Willard Library is the most popular one. Many people have caught a glimpse a female ghost that haunts the library.

So, next time you can tell your friend you went ghost haunting last night. They don't need to know how.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh, No! Octo-mom And The Paranormal?

Just when you thought she would just disappear like an apparition. She's back again. And, never leaving poor children alone. Including "dead" ones. OMG!
Nadya Suleman says that she heard a "invisible" child calling to her saying, "Mommy!". According to She feels cold air coming out of a room, that use to be a Nannies Room (now being used for storage) when she opens the door. One of her nannies claimed to have "saw" a small child running into an upstairs room. Went to investigate and no one was there.
Suleman says she don't believe in ghosts. Because she is religious. But, just in case, she placing 20 bibles through out the house.
Give me a break. She has how many children? And, it's not one of her's? Please! Enough already!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Dole Cannery Signature Theaters in Honolulu, Hawaii

Yes, Hawaii has hauntings too! And, plenty of them. So, to keep up with my summer vacation haunts. This I thought would be an interesting one. It's said that the movies theaters are built over what is known to be an ancient Hawaiian Heiau, or a place of worship or human sacrifice.
In Theater Number 14 there is a ghost of a man in his late 50's haunting the theater. He would watch people in the audience on the top corner of the theater.
But, the main haunting is done by a group of school children that were killed at the site from a school bus accident.
It's said that you can hear children screaming and crying in the bathroom next to the theater.
To read more about this. And, other Hawaiian haunts, Glen Grant's Obake Files: Ghostly Encounter in the Supernatural Hawaii.

Friday, July 10, 2009

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Would You Believe "Blair Witch" Is Ten Years Old?

Yes, it's been 10 years ago that a small movie came out from no where to be a blockbuster. It made more than over 200 million from a budget $25,000. In Entrainment Weekly out July 10th. It will have an interview with the two young directors of the film. This film was called by Roger Ebert "10 most influential films of the 20th century". They have made other films. But, they went straight to DVD. What have they been up to? Doing the same things that everyone growing up would do. Buy a house, get married, have kids.
Are they planning to do a sequel? They don't seem to be in any kind of rush. Maybe, they know that (like one said) a shaky camera bit will not work the second time around. They seem to be waiting out for the "perfect" little film that would suit them. So, will see how soon that would be?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Paranormal Equipment vs. Sensitivity

Last night Ghost Hunters International began their new season. what struck me was my husband's attitude towards the show. "Don't these guys get it? Their investigations are useless. The have to follow strick guidelines of engineering and research. With quality control too. Period!". My husband has been an electrical engineer for 32 years. And, a teacher. I, myself, 6 years have have worked side-by-side. Between engineers and quality control. He does have a very valid point. It's like having a layman playing doctor. We would see that as ludicrous. My husband sees this as an affront to every engineer that has to go through years of education. Civil engineers have to get a professional license to work in the field. So, for these paranormal investigators and tech tinkers that are out there working all this equipment that they have no idea of the inner workings of what they are using. Their "results" are very questionable, and should be thrown out the window. So, my point is. For a true 100% correct investigation is to be done, do it right.
As for sensitivity? I noticed that they poo-poo the use of this when investigating a haunted location. Technically, the use of the so call "paranormal equipment" and a "sensitive" is one of the same. Why? It's all scientific! Yes, both are. Don't people go to psychologist to understand the inner workings of their minds. Take medications to make them be able to function day to day. A sensitive is using a part of the brain, we as layman call "the minds eye". Science is science. You can't use one without the other. It doesn't make any sense? Heck, they can even use a psychologist during an investigation if they so wish. Remember, the paranormal is not a totally recognized science. It has not gained that respect, as yet.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Villa Paula Mansion the Most Haunted House in Miami

During this summer I'm going to post haunted spots that people don't really hear about often. So, this is the kick off post.
Villa Paula Mansion is located in the section of Miami known as Little Haiti. It was built in 1925 by Senior Don Domingo and his wife Paula. It was a neo-classical '20's mansion with a Cuban air to it's look. Ten rooms, 18 foot ceiling and hand painted tiles. Paula died 6 years later from complications of a leg amputation. The next owner was Muriel Reardon. She lived there for more then 30 years. Later the mansion became a home for seniors. In 1974 it was in disrepair and had become a place for the homeless to use. A gentleman bought it from HUD and invested thousands to restore it back to it's original state.
Many goings on have been happening at the mansion. There has been a steady knocking on the front door. The spirit of Muriel, who was known to hate cats, may be the one causing the deaths of several cats at the front gate. The main bedroom door would slam shut by unseen hands. It was known that Paula used to like her door closed so she wouldn't get a draft on her shoulders as she played her piano. The smell of Cuban coffee would permeate through the kitchen. Even though no one is brewing any coffee. The smell of roses in the dining room. Even though it's the most coldest part of winter. There was been sightings of the women. Once, clearly a Cuban woman with black hair in a bun was seen. You can hear also the swishing of a dressing gown happily going down the hallway of the house. The sound of clumping high heels have been heard on the stone path in the rear of the house. One of the ghosts is known to have temper tantrums. Huge noises can be heard in the kitchen. Dishes and silverware thrown all over the floor of the kitchen. The front porch chandelier became loose and crashed to the ground. A psychic once went to the home. Said that not only the two women are there, but, 4 more as well.
A tall thin man with a top hat. A crying woman in the garden looking for her metal. A young woman that may have worked there had a baby. And, buried it on the grounds of the home. Also, a heavy set woman dressed in red.
The house now is owned by a doctor. In 1989 The Miami Herald named the mansion the most haunted house in Miami.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Devil's Bible, A Very Strange Story

Saw the NatGeo TV Special "The Devil's Bible". Heard about this, but, I didn't understand the story behind it. It was always a great mystery.
It's seems this book is the largest medieval manuscript in the world. It's 3 feet tall and weights 165 lbs. And, with the largest picture of Satan inside. And, just absolutely weird passages written. It's the "why" this book even became about? The story goes that there was a group of black Benedictine monks from the Czech Republic. The one's that are, let's say, masochists. They "self" torture themselves. The didn't like one particular monk. And, said they would "wall" (placing a person live behind a brick wall) him if it did write the said book in one day. So, it's said he made a packed with Satan to help him do this feat. Bad luck came upon the monks. And, they got rid of the book to white monks. They had bad luck and so on, and so on. Even a King (really it was a Queen-a woman) was involved. The Swedes stole the book during a battle. And, it's been in the hand of the swedes ever since.

But, on the show they believe this is just the work of one lone monk. And, the way he self punished himself was to write this book everyday of his life.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Plans For The Summer With The Paranormal.

I would do anything to be in Key West right now. But, my cash flow is a little on the low end now. So, my plans are local this year.
I'm trying to decide to do a field report on Ft. Mercer in NJ. Or, to go to The Spy House in NJ. Have to do my homework first to find out which would be more interesting for the reader. But, I believe these are two good choices. My husband and son are now in the process of building the "combo" ghost hunting equipment from scratch. Next step is the testing of it either at Ft. Mifflin or Eastern State (have to remember to call these places up to arrange it). I don't mind doing the run-around. But, hate doing this in the summer heat. Yuck! This all takes plenty of planning. And, we always seem to go in a circle of sorts. Were going to do it, or were not going to do it. Back and forth. This is not easy, not by a long shot. You wonder how these "guys"(you know, on TV?) have the time for all this. In between their family life, work, children, it's hard. But, I'll trug through this somehow. Love writing, but, the investigating and arrangements suck. It takes far too long. Well, that's enough venting here. Sorry, guys, I'll get back in the groove tomorrow.

Friday, July 3, 2009

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Should Paranormal Investigations Be Rated R (For Mature People Only)?

I have been hearing a lot about of children wanting to get involved in investigations. Some will say it up to the child. Or, some others will say some kids are more mature than others. And, then you'll get some that will say, "Mind your business!". True, but, this is just my own personal option. I remembered (from another post of mine) as a child that my mother use to take me to horrors movies. I was as young as 6 years old. And, it was horrifying. Nightmares, being afraid to be out after dark. It wasn't a good memory. But, on the other hand I remembered the movies with fond memories also. Confusing, isn't it? I never took my son to any movies of this kind wondering in fear that he will go thought the same experience as myself. If my mother knew better (at the time movies were not rated) I think she would have never taken me. It was the early '60's movies were still "new". As for paranormal investigations I believe people should handle kids with "caution". Remember, these places are usually of great tragedy attached to it. Stories, that children really don't understand at that age. Then to have them wonder around in the dark, for me, is going too far. We don't know the damage these kids experience from this. So, for me, I believe 17 and above would be a good rule of thumb. Some kids, that are around 13 years of age may be able to handle it. But, ultimately it's the parents responsibility.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

John Dillinger's Ghost. Where's Does He Haunt?

"Dillinger" the movie, is coming out this week. I remember hearing stories of his ghost haunting the Biograph Theater in Chicago. Very strange story. He was hiding out at his girlfriend place. Because the FBI was on his tail. But, little did he know. She was working for them. Not sure if she was pressured to do so. She was know as "The Lady in Red". Wonder if that song was based on her (I think Desi Arnaz use to sing it). No, not the one from the '80s. But, anyway, she lured him to see a movie. Now, this is when some of this don't make sense? They say he died in the street (there's markers). Then it's said he died on the sidewalk while "trying" to run down the alley next to the theater. So, they believe that the "alley" is haunted by JD. People said that they have witnessed a blue hazy figure going into the alley, fall down, and disappears. It's even said he haunts a bar nearby. What's really odd they don't talk that much about the FBI agent Melvin Purvis. That he was obsessed in capturing Dillinger. He committed suicide after he retired from the agency. But, it's been said he shot himself with the gun given to him when he left the force. Others said it's an accident that happened while he was cleaning it of a tracer bullet lodged inside. Will never know, I guess.