Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh, No! Octo-mom And The Paranormal?

Just when you thought she would just disappear like an apparition. She's back again. And, never leaving poor children alone. Including "dead" ones. OMG!
Nadya Suleman says that she heard a "invisible" child calling to her saying, "Mommy!". According to She feels cold air coming out of a room, that use to be a Nannies Room (now being used for storage) when she opens the door. One of her nannies claimed to have "saw" a small child running into an upstairs room. Went to investigate and no one was there.
Suleman says she don't believe in ghosts. Because she is religious. But, just in case, she placing 20 bibles through out the house.
Give me a break. She has how many children? And, it's not one of her's? Please! Enough already!

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