Friday, July 10, 2009

Would You Believe "Blair Witch" Is Ten Years Old?

Yes, it's been 10 years ago that a small movie came out from no where to be a blockbuster. It made more than over 200 million from a budget $25,000. In Entrainment Weekly out July 10th. It will have an interview with the two young directors of the film. This film was called by Roger Ebert "10 most influential films of the 20th century". They have made other films. But, they went straight to DVD. What have they been up to? Doing the same things that everyone growing up would do. Buy a house, get married, have kids.
Are they planning to do a sequel? They don't seem to be in any kind of rush. Maybe, they know that (like one said) a shaky camera bit will not work the second time around. They seem to be waiting out for the "perfect" little film that would suit them. So, will see how soon that would be?

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