Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great Website: Weird US

Sometimes you have nothing to do (at work) and you begin to mess around the internet. Just killing time. This website is for you! (Check the Weird NJ website, also)
It's fun, great stories, and books/mags you can order, all at the same time. I love these guys. They give you the scoop on everything that is out there. Whether it's about hauntings, abandon locations, the odd and the weird is their speciality. What I like is that they also include stories that are sent to them by fans. Join the message board (or just take a look at the discussions).  No stone unturned.
So please during the holidays check this site out. You wont be disappointed.

For your taste buds to start you off on your way (check the individual links):

"Happy Holidays To You All!"  Going on a little vaca. I'll be on and off the next coming week. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Most Recent Paranormal Experience

In South Jersey there is an area in my township that you have to drive through almost everyday. But this particular location (I can't disclose it) is on a crossroads right next to the New Jersey Turnpike. It sits in the middle of a  residential location. Only a school sits a few hundred yards away.
At night it's very dead around there, just an occasional deer roaming through. About six years ago me and my husband would go to dinner and pass through that particular location. One day we had to stop at the red light. I could see on the side view mirror (as we slowed down to the light) what looked like a small woman dressed in a old style jogging suit in a white mist. What freak me out is that the "woman" was slowly "gliding" towards my door with a hand reached out. The light changed and as we are going "It" disappeared from my side view. My heart was beating like a drum. Didn't talk to anyone about this other then my husband.
About a year later. My son who just starting driving. He would go out with friends and drive them home. Always around 2 to 4 in the morning. This one particular night he drove one friend home who lived on the other side of the "haunted" location. As they turn on that corner he said to my son, "Did you see that little kid standing there?". My son turned to look and he saw a white mist of a small child. The two were so scared. That night my son told me the story. I asked him where did this happened? It was the same place. So I told him about my story. His friend came over the next day. What a long discussion that was. Haven't seen anything since till about a week ago.
Me and my husband were coming back late from my son's apartment. As we came close to the same intersection (which by the way, a new light was installed). I saw a solid white mist cross the street and disappeared. Right under the street lamp post. I didn't tell my son yet about this new haunting.
*I did ask around if there were any stories of a haunting exist. It turned up blank. Very strange!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can You See The "Dark" Mass?

I'm use to seeing what you see in the picture above. I can't really say what is going on in the "video"? I don't know how camcorders really operate in the first place. Being that it's dark and all.
But it does look like "something" is going on there. What is the difference between a "dark mass" and a "dark shadow"? I'm throwing this out there to my investigator friends. What kind of energy does a dark mass hold? This really intrigues me! I'm going to check this out a little further in the future.



Monday, December 20, 2010

"Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night", A New Japanese Film Being Released In The UK.

Yes it's kinda like Paranormal Activity 1 and 2. But it's not an exact remake of the films. Not like how the US copies "The Ring" or "The Grudge". No word on when it will be released in the US, yet.
Synopsis: "A parallel sequel to this October's Paranormal Activity 2 that takes place in Japan. While visiting San Diego, a young student picks up an evil spirit and brings it back home with him to Tokyo." 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Great Little Christmas Esty Shop: "Dreadful Things By Raven"

Love this Esty shop. She has everything for those whose like a "Spooky, Haunted Christmas". From cards, decorations and gifts. Very cute stuff!

Do something different this year and have a "Nightmare Before Christmas Party". Make sure you include the songs from the film to play in the background. Then read the Christmas Carol for your guests. Find out some haunted places in your neighborhood. And take your guests for a personal ghost tour (if it's not too cold). Include "Midnight" Hot Chocolate. Don't forget the black candles. Have fun! And be different!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wouldn't There Be More Hauntings In Anything Built Prior The 19th Century?

Why? Should you ask? Simple? It was the lifestyle of the people who lived prior to the 20th century. In a recent conversation I've read. The person stated, "Why don't we hear about "ghosts" of women who died in childbirth?". This is very true! Most births were always at home. And many women died as a result. It is also a fact that people died at home. And not as it is now in modern times, in a hospital. I remembered myself when I was ill a doctor would come to the house (I'm not that old).  When people died they were laid out in the parlor for their wake. Another words, their bodies were taken straight from the house to the cemetery. Which leads me back to the main discussion:  Shouldn't these locations be more haunted in general? For me? I'm still not sure how a "haunting" operates? I've heard of stories of people being haunted by someone who died miles away. Do spirits move around? Or stay in one location? Or just disappear in time? Big questions!
Here's a story for you:
There's a building in Savannah, GA that states that it's a "major ghost portal".  C Savannah Building was built around the 1860's. But it seems it was built on top of 20,000 ancient graves. And it was a sort of port of call for slaves for auction.  The list goes on from there. Do I think it's a portal? Not sure! Just more haunted then the usual locations. Which would not be a surprise due to the age of the building and the history of the city itself. See what I mean?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When You Know A Paranormal Investigation Went Too Far!

It seems a gentleman from Mississippi thought it was a "good idea" to take some clothes off during an investigation in a cemetery. But, here's the catch! He decided it would be even better to take it "all" off and take pictures (no, not of himself) of orbs/spirits. He said it was for the spirits to get more energy. Really!
Now, how the heck did he think this was all going to work out is all I'm asking! *confused* Lol!
Any ideas?;cbsnewsLeadStoriesHeadlines

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Insidious" New Horror Movie To Be Released In 2011

Looks interesting, but I'm afraid this will just go straight into DVD. It was suppose to have come out this past year.

Clip from the movie:

"When proud parents take possession of an old house, an accident results in one of their sons falling into a coma. The tragedy doesn't stop there when they are beset by vengeful spirits from another realm in this new chiller by the director and writer of Saw and by the producers of Paranormal Activity. The film stars Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey and Patrick Wilson."

Friday, December 10, 2010

Crunch-Time For Paranormal Christmas Gifts!

First of all. I can be all day writing about all the websites to go to: To find that prefect gift! All I can say is: Google it! Meaning, type in the "words" that most fit what you are looking for? So here's the list to fill-in for in your search:
  • T-shirts, cups, etc.
  • Jewelry
  • Equipment (even just a laptop, recorder, camcorder, flashlights)
  • Books
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Candle, spells kits, voodoo, etc.
  • DVD's, Movies, TV Shows
  • Tours (ghost tours, conventions, etc.)
  • Trips
Next: Individual Words-
  • Skulls
  • Occult Shops
  • Wicca
  • Weird and strange paranormal gifts: (tarot cards, crystal ball, scrye mirrors, incense, etc)
  • Gift Certificate for a psychic reading.
Check out for these gifts on Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, for better cheaper deals.
Good Luck!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

St. Mark's Church, Lower Manhattan, NYC

I know this place very well due to the fact that my mother lived in the neigborhood for awhile during the '80s.
Manhattan was first controlled by the Dutch. And Peter Stuyvesant was the leader of this new colony as commander of the Dutch West India Colony as the Bowery area was called in 1651. He lived in the area for 25 years which during that time he traveled the world. In the process he has lost a leg. He wore a wooden leg with silver studs.

The St. Mark's Church is located on 10th St. and Second Ave. in the East Village.  Mr. Stuyvesant is buried there in a vault. Many people who visit or attend the church say they can hear the obvious sound of a "peg leg" all throughout the church. They also stated that they see "shadows" and "movements" within the church. What's spookier even passersby say they can see this through the church windows from outside. And the church bells have run at weird times with the presence of a "ghost". People say that the ghost of "Peg Leg Pete" has been seen since 1672, from the time of his death.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Of The Greatest Movies About Ghosts, "The Sixth Sense"

I've just recently watched this movie that came out in 1999, again!  It's a great movie in just the right way. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan he created the right story, cast, and place. Believe it or not, there are people out there that still haven't seen it. My husband is one. Their missing a treat!
So for you guys that are in the cold weather climate, like me. Watch this movie after going out holiday shopping with a big bowl of buttered popcorn. Put on your slippers and a throw. And enjoy! Heck, buy it as a gift for someone who like's the paranormal.
And for those who want to get an idea what the story is about? I'm not gonna tell ya! It would spoil the whole atmosphere of the mystery, spooky, strange little tale.
GL Movie Review: **** Buttered Popcorn Buckets

Movie Trailer:

Spoiler Alert for those who "have to know" ahead of time:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ghost Adventures Always Put A Smile To My Face! Plus: Free Demo Of "Ghost Trick:Phantom Detective" By Nintendo DS

I've been enjoying this pass season of GA. They put a different "spin" on ghost hunting. Remember, how can you really "hunt" for something not there in the first place (like I've said several times before "it's the personal experience" that counts). So what they've been doing this pass season is making our experience of watching the show more tolerable. This can get boring very quickly. I don't care how many new locations they can go to. It's the same thing over and over again. That goes for all the other paranormal shows that are out there also.
By creating this new atmosphere we get to know the boys much better. More approachable. They laugh, joke, get serious, mad, upset in the right contexts of the particular location their investigating.
I always look forward to the next show. Always wonder what cast of characters they'll come across next. It's so funny when some of these women who give the tours have a huge Zac crush. Or Aaron's "scared look". And Nick "scared toughness" (you know he's scared out of his mind). They do change it up quite a bit that it doesn't become stale. Can't wait for next season.

Here's the link for the free demo of "Ghost Trick:Phantom Detective"

Friday, December 3, 2010

Why Is It That Some People Still Don't Believe In Ghosts?

I can understand why some people still don't believe in "ghosts"! Because everything we experience can be explained one way or another. To "them" at least!
Me and others that have had "personal experience" always beg to differ on this issue. But I try to be fair and understand how a skeptic would see all this. In my last post I explained how a "cobweb feeling" can be created. So this really can't be dismissed. This all comes under the word "debunk". But let's be fair. How many investigators really sit down and do "extreme" debunking. Somethings are seen as proof , such as "knocking" or "shadows". To be real. Of course this can be debunked. Example knocking can be the house settling (each house is different). I believe this should be thrown out. It should be only counted as proof if it correlates to questions being asked. Shadows? Each of us have different eye sights with different eye problems (such as "floaters"). Focus and matrixing is another issue. And should not be dismissed either.
Some of you will say, "Gee, almost "everything" will be thrown out!".  No, just smarter investigating is needed to be done. The bad news is: You'll probably walk out more times then you wish for. Empty handed.
It always comes do to the "club" of people, like myself that had a "personal experience" to say they believe. And I truly understand why skeptics, don't.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

GL TV Review: Ghost Hunters And Bravo's The Housewives Of Atlanta

It seems that it was Sheree that called GH. Asking them if they can join the show when they come down to investigation in Atlanta. So when the day came. It seems the other two didn't know where they were going that day. The way that Kim was dressed I think she thought she was going to a club. Boobs out and all (can't stop laughing as I'm writing). Don't get me started with Jason and Grant. Jason was all giggly and all. He must of been blushing. Yeah, Grant got their backs, lol! Steve and Tango looked so confused (why are these women here?). What can I say about NeNe, she was loud and all. But the three of them didn't do so bad. No screaming or running. Not bad at all.
The investigation seemed a little chaotic at first. That's very typical for first-time investigators. They tend to talk too much. Maybe the nervousness of the unknown.
As for the Rhodes House? It wasn't really clear to why is this house haunted at all? I believe only one person die there. That's not usual at the time when it was common for people to die at home. There really isn't much out there written about the place being haunted. As for Amy and Kris having that feeling of spiderwebs on them. Sometimes that's "static" if a place is very dry. You know, like a rubbing a balloon and then waving it over your arms it causes the hairs on your arms to rise. Steve and Tango didn't feel anything because they were more covered up then the girls.
It seems that GH tends to go back to Atlanta do another investigation. And the HW's are going to be invited, again! Maybe, who knows?  The HW's may want to start a paranormal group of their own (hope not!).
PS: Did Jason say "sweetheart" to the woman at the reveal? I'm not sure if I heard that right.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Twilight Sleep. Is This The Beginning Of Becoming A Sensitive/Psychic?

It seems a lot of people "see" ghosts during what is called Twilight Sleep stage. It happens just before falling into a deep sleep. I'm not going into the discussion of the scientific end of this stage of sleep. I believe your mind and body is just beginning to get into that "zone" of totally relaxation. Which can cause all these personal experiences to happen.
My question is: If these "experiences" become more frequent. Does this help for a person to become a "sensitive" or further, a "psychic"? And can this really be controlled? Another words, you can have these experiences during regular waking hours? I believe this can be true. I think people that learn how to meditate have the right idea. Do they too get these same experience as a person in twilight sleep?
For me, many of my premonitions happens during total deep sleep. Others during twilight. I'm passing along an article I found interesting. I hope that this can help those who are wondering the same way about this phenomenon.