Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Most Recent Paranormal Experience

In South Jersey there is an area in my township that you have to drive through almost everyday. But this particular location (I can't disclose it) is on a crossroads right next to the New Jersey Turnpike. It sits in the middle of a  residential location. Only a school sits a few hundred yards away.
At night it's very dead around there, just an occasional deer roaming through. About six years ago me and my husband would go to dinner and pass through that particular location. One day we had to stop at the red light. I could see on the side view mirror (as we slowed down to the light) what looked like a small woman dressed in a old style jogging suit in a white mist. What freak me out is that the "woman" was slowly "gliding" towards my door with a hand reached out. The light changed and as we are going "It" disappeared from my side view. My heart was beating like a drum. Didn't talk to anyone about this other then my husband.
About a year later. My son who just starting driving. He would go out with friends and drive them home. Always around 2 to 4 in the morning. This one particular night he drove one friend home who lived on the other side of the "haunted" location. As they turn on that corner he said to my son, "Did you see that little kid standing there?". My son turned to look and he saw a white mist of a small child. The two were so scared. That night my son told me the story. I asked him where did this happened? It was the same place. So I told him about my story. His friend came over the next day. What a long discussion that was. Haven't seen anything since till about a week ago.
Me and my husband were coming back late from my son's apartment. As we came close to the same intersection (which by the way, a new light was installed). I saw a solid white mist cross the street and disappeared. Right under the street lamp post. I didn't tell my son yet about this new haunting.
*I did ask around if there were any stories of a haunting exist. It turned up blank. Very strange!


  1. Very interesting story. I wonder what the history is of that particular area? That might explain whose ghosts ya'll have been seeing.

  2. Well the Turnpike was built in the early '50's. As well as the school. Maybe it was a child that was hit by a car? Or something from the far past.

  3. These are known as "location hauntings", as they will only manifest in the areas of their last familiar. "Atmospheric hauntings", unlike "anniversary hauntings" (appearing on the day and time they died) is only seen in one location and repeats a certain action over and over again. These types are more commonly referred to as "residual" or "replaying" hauntings, where the energies from these past events are recorded into the surroundings and replay continuously in a kind of movie loop.

    If you can do research into the deaths in that particular area, the chances are that you'll find probably one or two matches specific to your experiences.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I believe in this particular theory also.