Friday, December 3, 2010

Why Is It That Some People Still Don't Believe In Ghosts?

I can understand why some people still don't believe in "ghosts"! Because everything we experience can be explained one way or another. To "them" at least!
Me and others that have had "personal experience" always beg to differ on this issue. But I try to be fair and understand how a skeptic would see all this. In my last post I explained how a "cobweb feeling" can be created. So this really can't be dismissed. This all comes under the word "debunk". But let's be fair. How many investigators really sit down and do "extreme" debunking. Somethings are seen as proof , such as "knocking" or "shadows". To be real. Of course this can be debunked. Example knocking can be the house settling (each house is different). I believe this should be thrown out. It should be only counted as proof if it correlates to questions being asked. Shadows? Each of us have different eye sights with different eye problems (such as "floaters"). Focus and matrixing is another issue. And should not be dismissed either.
Some of you will say, "Gee, almost "everything" will be thrown out!".  No, just smarter investigating is needed to be done. The bad news is: You'll probably walk out more times then you wish for. Empty handed.
It always comes do to the "club" of people, like myself that had a "personal experience" to say they believe. And I truly understand why skeptics, don't.


  1. Wow...your blog is really cool! I love the design! (And the topics of course!) Anything involving the paranormal is right up my alley! (And yes, I DO believe in ghosts!)

  2. Thank you! I just love talking about the "supernatual".