Thursday, December 23, 2010

Great Website: Weird US

Sometimes you have nothing to do (at work) and you begin to mess around the internet. Just killing time. This website is for you! (Check the Weird NJ website, also)
It's fun, great stories, and books/mags you can order, all at the same time. I love these guys. They give you the scoop on everything that is out there. Whether it's about hauntings, abandon locations, the odd and the weird is their speciality. What I like is that they also include stories that are sent to them by fans. Join the message board (or just take a look at the discussions).  No stone unturned.
So please during the holidays check this site out. You wont be disappointed.

For your taste buds to start you off on your way (check the individual links):

"Happy Holidays To You All!"  Going on a little vaca. I'll be on and off the next coming week. Enjoy!

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