Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Do You Think? Tidbits From The Paranormal World

This was a Youtube that was going around. Tell me what you think?

This is a serious article that has been discussed about on some forums:

People that have ghost phobias:

And last, Ghosting. When you walking behind someone until they notice your there. There is even contests on this. Don't ask!:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Great Website To Check Out: Ghost Pictures

I've found many "ghost" pic sites. And, never been crazy about any of them. Even on this particular site. Some of the pictures are questionable. But, I think they are aware of that. Because they want you to decide if it's real or not. And, they have other tidbits to look at also. Enjoy!

Monday, March 29, 2010

So Much Is Changing In The Paranormal World. Why?

I thought today I'll give you an overview of some basic things that are going on. For one is. Is Ghost Lab having a season 2? Not sure yet? Some say it is. Most Haunted? Don't know what the heck is going on there. You can't get a TV schedule of the show on the Travel Channel. What's worse is that there was a MH Live on Living TV (UK) that was going on this pass weekend. And, there's no Youtube on it (you can get it later). So, you can't watch it near to real time. This is all very confusing to me. Don't they want people to watch their shows? It gets better!
As for forums? You can get a lot of good solid information on there. But as of late. I'm scratching my head thinking, "What is going on here?". It's just not the same. It seems more like an Attackfest of the shows and of the forum users. Or, they just plain ignoring you because they are too deep into their own personal conversations. Can't they IM one another and get off the forum?
As for conventions? There are many. And very expensive. That you don't know if you should go or not. Travel, hotels, food, and to just get in. Not cheap.
Books and magazines? So many people are writing now. But are they any good? Again it can get expensive. So, go online. Or, just go to a library. Borrow books and magazines from friends.
As for websites? I don't even want to go there. That's for another post for another day.
And, for people like me that write? I for one want to get information out to you guys. Not just for you. But, for me, my family and friends too. And, I'm hitting at wall at a 100 mph. Why is it this difficult? I only want to give you quality information. Not the stuff I'm seeing around. And, it seems it's more of that then quality. So, I don't write it. But, I'm left with very little.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Funny Ghost Story By Seth Meyers Of SNL

The gang from the upcoming movie "MacGruber" at a press conference. When this funny ghost story came up.
Like to share it with you. Enjoy!

My "Main" Personal Experience With The Unknown

I had several experiences during my lifetime. And, it's the usual that people talk about when they think they "see" a ghost. I still do at my home. But, the main experience I had I didn't see the entity. Or, hear it. I never could understand to this day why Jason, Grant of GH and Ryan from PS never want to explain what personally happened to them? I think it is important to say what made you become a believer.
One day me and my mother went to visit my sister who was married with two babies at the time. She's is eight years older then I am. So, for you to understand. We were both very young. And, I never really enjoyed our visits. My mother and sister would always fall into an argument. It was never my cup of tea as a young teen. Anyway, this day was no different then many times that we would go over. Always in the middle of the day. Sunny, warm, no breeze.
So, we were sitting in her living room. And, here goes the roller coaster ride. It went on for about a good 20 to 30 minutes.
Then all of a sudden. All three of us witnessed it. My mother's large handbag that was placed all the way back in the well of a huge stuff chair. As she did many times before, lifted up. About 6 inches straight up first. Then flew about 4 feet into the center of the room. And, fell. As if someone dropped it. We were all frozen and scared at the same time. And most of all, quite.
This happened many, many years ago. It made me a true believer. There was never a way of explaining how this could happen. And, always a topic of family get-together's.
I have spoken to someone from the paranormal community about this particular experience. And, all I got was a deadpan stare like, "This can't be true" (I was thinking to myself, "Then why are you involved in this field?"). But, three people witnessed this. And, it indeed happened.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What Are Hauntings?

The more I write about this topic. The more I wonder what are exactly are hauntings? As a child I would see it as a "thing" trying to scare me. But,as an adult now. I see it as a mystery. Why do they haunt? Or, why is "it" hanging around in the first place. Or, are they just waiting.
There's always this general belief to why there are spirits that just wondering the earth. Some for punishment. Others, lost, residual. Or their there because of violence.
What lately I'm thinking. Can it be based on reincarnation? I was never a big fan of this idea. But, as I age. And, I see the people close to me dying. I remembered something that happened to me as a child that my mother told me. When I was around 3 to the age of 5. She said I would tell her things about places. Or, even about objects that I knew nothing at all about. For example we went to the New York City Museum. And, there downstairs were all these huge horse carriages. I knew parts, how the horses were treated. Who would ride each particular carriage. And, on and on. A guard that was there overheard me. He went straight to my mother and told her I was 100% correct. But, as I aged all this seemed to disappear.
What I have been thinking. Can it be a spirit, or ghost that goes looking to enter a chosen newborn? And, as the child ages the "soul" of that person slowly goes. That would answer where do all these spirits/souls go? Or, why that ghosts are not haunting every nook and cranny of the earth? It's just a thought. And, it still leaves me with the same question. What are hauntings? Maybe will never get the answer. Because were not suppose to.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recommended Website: The Shadowlands

Now, I'm not recommending them because they are from South Jersey. It's because they are a website that is always talked about. And, quoted about. In several places on the internet. So it does say something about them. I have seen them at one of the lectures. I don't know them personally. But, they seem to be a nice group. But, they are not given credit where credit is do. They really give this website a breath of life. In a subject that can get boring very rather quickly. Their on the ball. And, on top of new information of places and sites. So, please check them out.

As for the Ghost Lounge Discussion Group. I have to change the date to Mid-April. Same day and time. Will let you guys know the date. ASAP.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just Wondering What Happened To Brian Harnois

*NEWS FLASH* Found this after posting. Read First!

Just recently was thinking the other day about him. It's strange to see him once in a while on Syfy when their having a GH marathon. Dude Run! Lol!
First, do I think it made the show a little more interesting. I would say yes. But, they created him to be the center of all the attention. And, that was their own fault. They shouldn't have never made fans of the show get caught in the middle of their in-house problems. They would say, on the air, "We can't trust him.", "He lies too much", "He lost equipment". After a while I would land up talking to the TV (yes, I did), "Cut it out already. And, just do the show!". Sometimes it was just plain annoying.
We really to this day don't know what was really going on. And, it really shouldn't have been that much of an issue. To us at least?
All I last heard after he left GHI. He was training to be a fireman (don't know what happened after that?). He has two kids. But, didn't marry (as far as I know. Not that it matters to me). But, he is still active in paranormal conventions. Even with some old members of TAPS. It's a little bit confusing isn't it? How do you work as a fireman and go to conventions? Anyway, he started a new paranormal group called The Paranormals.
But, still to this day people still take sides on the "Brian" issue. Was he really as bad as they made him to look? Or, was he just a fall guy? We may never know (or will we?). Don't be surprise you see a book written about this.
To be fair to him. He was with TAPS from day one (it's written in the Ghost Hunters Book). He even has/had a tattoo. He was in it for the long haul. But, something happened along the way. Was it Steve (who came into the group later)? I always wondered about that particular issue.
But, we should move on. Which I did a while ago. But, the show hasn't been the same since. Or, is it just me. I kinda liked him.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Which Is The Bigger Phenomenon: Ghosts or Ghost Investigations?

I'm soon hitting my one year anniversary of writing this blog. The reason I started writing it was because of my own confusion to my own beliefs on this subject. I've been involved all my life with the supernatural. But, the "investigative" part is brand new (about 4 years now).
Next month I will beginning to set up an open discussion group. And, I'm thinking, "Which way is this discussion going to go?". More towards the paranormal TV shows? Or, just a "one hit wonder" of their personal experiences? Which would last longer?
As I have discussed in the past. Personal experiences are once in a blue moon. So, I have a bit of a problem. I really don't know how to make the group last longer? Short of starting *cough* a paranormal group. Which is not the direction I will go. For myself that is.
So, from speaking to a few people. I will start with personal experiences. Then the shows, movies, occult, etc. Last investigations (which I'll have other people run).
People love to talk about ghosts. Or, ghost stories. It reminds them as children sitting in a living room or campfire late at night. Talking spooky stuff. But, this is in a coffee shop. It's not the same thing. And, that's what I'm afraid of.
I'll try to see what comes out of it. I hope I don't find myself with some weirdo sitting there scaring the "you know what" out of everyone there. Or, some super tech geek talking a language that no one understands.
What am I hoping for? A genuine group of people that been looking for this kind of group for a long time. And, feel like they found a home. With people that understand what "they" are feeling.
It's not to help one another. As to understand ourselves in the process.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Paranormal Thursday's For Syfy

Paranormal Wednesday night's were always for Ghost Hunters. Now, Syfy announced their new Thursday line up starting July 15th.
"Paranormal Investigators"
A search for the truth. It's about things that are caught on tape. A 6 person team lead by a former FBI special agent Ben Hansen. Produced by Base Productions. Starts at 10PM.

"Mary Knows Best" (a take off of a very old show called "Father Knows Best")
Docu-soap following Mary Occhino, a radio host and self-proclaimed psychic. She has three children. One a skeptic, second a paranormal investigator, and last a reluctant psychic. Produced by Atlas Media Corp. Starts at 9PM.

In development:
"Paranormal Files"
A world of turned upside-down by extraordinary and terrifying events. Produced by Raw TV.

And, there are others too! That are not paranormal based. Like:
"Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" Yes, this is Marcel from Bravo's "Top Chef"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Manhattan Bistro Ghost Story (Part II)

It was believed that Levi seduced her with the promise of marriage (which he has done to others). Witnesses said they saw her on a sleigh with two men. One who is believed to be Levi's brother.
Miss Sands told her cousins of her soon to be wedding. That would have been held that coming Sunday night. As to witnesses. There were many that night due to the holidays. They all stated they heard a woman's cries for help coming from the well. On Christmas Eve a muff was found floating at the bottom on the well. As well as frozen man's footprints.
During the trial Levi had a strong alibi. And was later acquitted. It was to be believed that Miss Sands committed suicide.
Public outrage over the verdict was huge. As far as everyone knew Levi Weeks was guilty. After the trial Levi was harassed and called "murderer" everywhere he went. He moved out of town to Natchez, Miss. He became an architect and a upstanding family man. He built "Auburn" now a national landmark.
As for hauntings? It's said that in the kitchen you can see a vapor rising from the floor. And, plates and ashtrays are said to be flying off tables.

Here's some pics and video that I found interesting.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Manhattan Bistro: A True Ghost Story

Well gang, this will be written in parts. But, I thought this would be a very interesting "new" ghost story that is not very well known about.
In NYC "now" there is a restaurant in trendy Soho in lower Manhattan. But, this story starts in 1799. When this area was called Lispenard's Meadow. This was a rural gently hilly area where people will go in the summer hiking. And, in the winter ice skating in a pond nearby.
There was a young girl 22 years old called Juliana Elmore Sands aka The Ghost of Spring Street. It is believed she was murdered by her secret fiance, carpenter named Levi Weeks. She was murdered and tossed down what was called The Manhattan Well. Which was just newly built to supply drinking water for the locate area. This well still exists in the basement of the Manhattan Bistro Restaurant. People who have seen it says it looks like something out of "The Ring" movie.
It's said that Miss Sands left her home on Greenwich Street three days before Christmas and never returned. Levi Weeks also lived at the same boarding house where Miss Sands lived.
People from all over heard the news of her death. The funeral was so large that her body was laid out in front of the boarding house.
Weeks was seen as the only murderer. And, he was represented by the most unlikely duo. Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton (later Burr would shoot Hamilton in a duel).
Part II tomorrow

Monday, March 15, 2010

Movie Trailer: Kill Katie Malone

This "ghost" movie will come out around October 30th. Looks interesting enough for me.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different: The Cape May Mystery Knitter

Most Haunted when coming to the US. Cape May, NJ was one place they went to for one of their investigations. And, now there is a mystery going on. A mystery knitter to be exact.
This person must of been bored out of their minds to come up with this idea. The idea?
Sweaters for trees and lamp posts. Now, this little weird thing going on is known internationally. People are wondering, who is this person? We soon my find out.
Read the article:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Great Haunted Pubs In NYC For St. Patrick's Fun!

Well, GH is going to Patty Reilly's Irish Pub between 29th and 2nd Ave. in NY's Murray Hill/Kips Bay area of Manhattan.
Here's other places that are known haunts. All in the NYC area.

West Village
People say they see Henrietta Chumley, former owner visit to mess around with the jukebox. Also, it's believed that 12 firefighter employee's from 9/ll. Still come around on each anniversary.

Ear Inn
Spring Street. Built 1817
Is said to be haunted by a sailor called Mickey who use to live upstairs and was hit by a car in front of the bar. Anyone living up stairs will have him crawl into bed with them.

One if by land, Two if by Sea
Lower Manhattan
Ghost of Aaron Burr, VP of the US. Who shot Alexander Hamilton. Is said to haunt this location. Flying dishes and chairs being pulled out is seen. Thedosia Burr Alston was lost at sea enroute to see her father. It is said that she haunts the carriage house. Females that go to the bar have their earring's removed.

White Horse Tavern
Greenwich Village
Dylan Thomas died after drinking 18 shots of whiskey. He's said to been seen sitting at his favorite corner seat.

The Waverly Inn. Built 1844
Bank Street
Employees see ghostly figures. And blames the ghosts for several fires.

Have fun this weekend. And, be safe!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do Ghosts Hide In Attics And Basements?

It seems that attics and basements is where the ghosts are. Whenever we watch our favorite TV paranormal shows. It seems that's where all the activity is. The mother load.
Come on people. I know they are the darkest areas of a building or house. But, really. Do you believe they run there to hide? There are clear answers to this question. And I'm very surprise that on GH, plumbers for that matter. Would believe this to be true.
This pass month I had a semi-flood in my basement because of the snowstorms. And, about 10 years ago I had squirrels making a home in my attic. And, robins making nests in my dryer duct. These are the two main areas to get hit by the elements and critters. Easy huh?
But, the only reason these areas are haunted is because something happened at that particular location. Attics mainly because someone hung themselves. Or, basements because someone got whacked and was buried there. Or, someone is hidden and left to die. Or, what was originally at that location. It's morbid to think. But, it really doesn't make sense for spirits to run of and "hide" in these locations.
You have to think? In the basement you have electrical boxes, heating/air conditioning units, air ducts, water heaters, pipes, and remember the basement is below ground level so you have the critters and water.
The attic gets hit hard by the elements rain, snow, temperature and the sun. Metal and wood expand and contract. And, again the critters.
If you listen to their explanations to why they hide in these areas? It never makes any sense. Love it when they say it's where the demons go.
I believe, it's terrible to say. But, they do this because it insures "sounds". Does that make sense? Sure it does! Hey, your making a show. Paying people salaries. You feel pressure to get something. So, they are off the the attic or basement. And, don't get me into a conversation about "old" houses. That's for another day.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Norton Ghost. For Your Computer Needs.

I know, I know, your thinking, "What does this have to do with ghosts?" For me, I like throwing in here and there things that "say" ghost in them. It's to shake it up from time to time. Or, it would get real boring.
My son had recent problems (big time) on his computer. I had some myself. I found out the hard way that you really have to keep up with the times. Know what's new in the computer world. Basically, we set ourselves up. Both of us shouldn't have just let things, little things go on on our computers. Like pop ups, etc. We should known what the "new" software is out there for protection. I feel sorry we didn't.
I really don't want to get to deep into the story what happened. But, let's put it this way. It can happen to anyone, anytime. And, it costs a pretty penny.
Norton Ghost is the last installment for now (like I said don't ask about what other things we had to do). And, this should work. For awhile I think? Ghost, is a professional grade backup and recovery (there is a 15.0). I never realized that you need to protect any important information (I know, I'm lazy). Like getting a good external hard driver. So, I hope this little ghost can help others.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lurking and Trolls in the Paranormal. Oh, my!

I love when having a cup of coffee to roam around the online world. So, much to read and see. For me personally I see nothing wrong of someone "lurking" about some websites. As for forums it's the same. You can sit down and read some really good "reads". I sometimes LMAO at some discussions. But, here's the catch.
Some people "don't" want you to read the websites/forums. Then why on earth you would write on the Internet in the first place. DON'T DO IT! That's all. As simple as that.
Or, set it from the beginning on private. Many people come here to this blog and read. For me that's ok. I write for "them" to read. If I had them as "friends" I would have a list as long as my arm. So, read on. Another issue and this is funny to me. Some complain that "one" person has too many usernames. Huh! What's wrong with that. Nothing.
So, what's my beef? Trolls, people that are up to no good. I would just call them what they really are. Spies. Now, I'm going to say something that might seem like a contradiction. It is. The only time I see this making sense is if they are spying on a competitor. It's all part of the business world. Like Pepsi checking out Coke. But, if this is not the case. Then there is something mighty wrong with that individual. We all don't know the private lives of people we meet on this medium. So, we do walk on egg shells when trusting someone here. So, be very careful what you write. Or, don't write at all.
As for the Paranormal World on this issue. The problem is there is really no right or wrong about the supernatural. So, some people get really touchy on this topic. That it sends up a huge "red flag". For me at least. I'm thinking, "Hey, I better not get into anything too deep with this person". And, then RUN! lol! So again, if you don't like this way of communicating with the outside world. Don't write a thing, just read. And, have fun.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mutter Museum's: "2010 Annual Mutter Ball"

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia. The 2010 Annual Mutter Ball will be held Friday, March 12th at 7:30PM (EST) till Saturday March 13th at 1:00AM (EST)
Standard Tickets at at $50.00
VIP $100.00
And, a Couples Discount 2 for $75.00
Plus Fees

Sites Information:

"VIP includes open bar, special hors d'oeuvres and access to the

VIP Vieux Carré Absinthe Lounge

Doors open at 7:30PM


General includes beer & wine bar and hors d'oeuvres

Doors open at 8:30PM


Featuring Philly's hottest DJ, Maria V!

Festive, 19th-century inspired garb encouraged!"

For any of you wanting to travel Amtrak. The 30th Street Station is only 3 blocks away.

Remember: First GL Meet at

Ghost Chili: The World's Hottest Pepper

Ghost Chili aka Bhut Jolokia is one hot pepper. This pepper is from the Assam area of India. In Scoville Units a habanero is 580,000. But, a Ghost Chili is 1,001,304. It's known as the hottest pepper in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Some say it's like swigging a cocktail of battery acid and glass shards. But, this pepper is used to cure stomach troubles. And a way to fight summer heat. Don't ask me how that works.
Adam Richman of the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food tackled this pepper. And, it just blew his shirt off.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

TV Review: Ghost Hunters Live Event Alcatraz

So where do I start. First, the event (for me it means the investigation) is not live. Second, the live event was at the SNL studio in NYC 30 Rock with all the gang from GH, GHI, GHA. And, Josh Gates as host.
Let's start with the investigation. It's the same old, same old. But, they did use a couple of new equipment. One was a laser grid like you would see on a Mission Impossible movie. The thought behind it was interesting. It would make it easy to see movement to the eye. Second one was what Steve was using. A small flat computer that would read spikes of sound in a room. And, that was about it.
They had questions coming in from the Syfy website. And, some from the audience. One question did catch my attention? It had to do with residual hauntings. Jason said that there was a woman who was being haunted by her own (her as a child) haunting. Huh? Never heard of that one before. To me I noticed that Jason was a little nervous. But, he controlled it quite well. They announced that all the shows are coming back. GHA is coming back with new students. And, they ended the show with a cake shaped like Alcatraz and drank champagne.
There was some more stuff going on after the show on the Syfy website. But, I was falling asleep during the show.
To me the show is not for mainstream people like myself. Meaning, people that are just want to see and know the history of haunted locations. The GH franchise is only for people interested in paranormal "investigations". And, to expand the TAPS group. Personally, I don't know how many people are going into that field. Only they know. But, it opens a door to other shows to be created for people like myself. That are interested in the story. And, to see and hear as witness to an actual haunting. I know that they do this already. But, it's about 15 minutes worth. Maybe half hour shows are not a bad thing (like PS).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Virtual Ouija Board: Play At Your Own Risk!

I'm putting this up on my blogger for someone who was just asking me about Ouija Boards *wink*(you know who you are).
But, like I was talking about before. I'm not crazy about them. And, the story behind them is deeper then that. So "BEWARE"! (I'll talk more about it later).

Bio Channel: March 6th - Ghosts Overload This Saturday

Well, I really don't know where to begin. It's seems Saturday is an all-day Ghostfest of some sort going on the BIO Channel. Or, it seems every Saturday.
For one thing there was a show I totally missed. It's called "My Ghost Story", about real everyday people that happened to have photographed or video taped ghosts. And, they tell their own stories attached to their findings. That show is at 6:00PM EST.
But, there's another show called "My Ghost Story 2: Hauntings Revealed". That's on Saturday also at 11:00PM EST.
On the same day at 4:00PM EST is "The Unexplained: Amityville:The Haunting".
Now I don't know if these shows are repeats. I know "My Ghost Story" was advertised. So, I guess that's new? Not sure? There's a lot more shows that are going to be shown that day that I have not mentioned. The Bio Channel seems a bit confusing to me. So, do check out their website.
Happy Hunting!

Remember: First GL Meet at

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Ghost Lounge Meeting In Philly

Well the first Ghost Lounge Meeting is set for April 1st (no joke!). At Double Shots in Philly.
Hopefully around 5:00 PM
Please feel free to email me at
Limited seating.

Discuss the paranormal. Hope to see you there! Forum board will soon be up.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spending Money On The Paranormal

I live right outside Philly. About 6 miles. So, I'm there a lot. And, I walk around all the known sites that people talk about as being haunted. Today I'm going somewhere that I have to past Independence Hall. So, I see signs on Cosi (a restaurant) and a hotel's newspaper stand for Ghost Tours. There's two of them in the city. They are not cheap. I never been on either. There is so much write ups on each of the locations. And, you figure on all the mapping online sites. You can create your own private tour. I was always thinking about going on one of these tours just to see what it's all about. But, is it worth it? I like to walk. And cities don't scare me. So, I would do my own tour. The only difference I would say it would take longer on your own to do. Their tours are about 90 min. to 2 hours. They also do private tours with equipment (cost a small fortune).
So, for you cheapo's out there (like myself). When your visiting a place either before you come. Or, even if your at the location already. Ask for the local library. Ask to be placed on a computer. And, start looking up about haunted places at that location. In Philly on 7th Street off Market St. Right behind Thomas Jefferson's residence. There is a library. They'll hook you up and they'll gladly help you the best they can. This way you have some money left over to spend on other things. Such as eating.