Saturday, March 13, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different: The Cape May Mystery Knitter

Most Haunted when coming to the US. Cape May, NJ was one place they went to for one of their investigations. And, now there is a mystery going on. A mystery knitter to be exact.
This person must of been bored out of their minds to come up with this idea. The idea?
Sweaters for trees and lamp posts. Now, this little weird thing going on is known internationally. People are wondering, who is this person? We soon my find out.
Read the article:


  1. Gives a nice feeling to the tree to be cared about so much from some one.

    Nice blog found you in the cafe forum, so popped by and signed up for more :)

  2. Welcome Arrmand! I will check out your blog from time to time.
    Thanks again for your comment.

  3. That is soo cute! I was hunting for this picture. Someone really went all out. What a treat. Wish we had more mischevious "villains" in the world. lol