Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Paranormal Thursday's For Syfy

Paranormal Wednesday night's were always for Ghost Hunters. Now, Syfy announced their new Thursday line up starting July 15th.
"Paranormal Investigators"
A search for the truth. It's about things that are caught on tape. A 6 person team lead by a former FBI special agent Ben Hansen. Produced by Base Productions. Starts at 10PM.

"Mary Knows Best" (a take off of a very old show called "Father Knows Best")
Docu-soap following Mary Occhino, a radio host and self-proclaimed psychic. She has three children. One a skeptic, second a paranormal investigator, and last a reluctant psychic. Produced by Atlas Media Corp. Starts at 9PM.

In development:
"Paranormal Files"
A world of turned upside-down by extraordinary and terrifying events. Produced by Raw TV.

And, there are others too! That are not paranormal based. Like:
"Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" Yes, this is Marcel from Bravo's "Top Chef"

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