Friday, March 26, 2010

My "Main" Personal Experience With The Unknown

I had several experiences during my lifetime. And, it's the usual that people talk about when they think they "see" a ghost. I still do at my home. But, the main experience I had I didn't see the entity. Or, hear it. I never could understand to this day why Jason, Grant of GH and Ryan from PS never want to explain what personally happened to them? I think it is important to say what made you become a believer.
One day me and my mother went to visit my sister who was married with two babies at the time. She's is eight years older then I am. So, for you to understand. We were both very young. And, I never really enjoyed our visits. My mother and sister would always fall into an argument. It was never my cup of tea as a young teen. Anyway, this day was no different then many times that we would go over. Always in the middle of the day. Sunny, warm, no breeze.
So, we were sitting in her living room. And, here goes the roller coaster ride. It went on for about a good 20 to 30 minutes.
Then all of a sudden. All three of us witnessed it. My mother's large handbag that was placed all the way back in the well of a huge stuff chair. As she did many times before, lifted up. About 6 inches straight up first. Then flew about 4 feet into the center of the room. And, fell. As if someone dropped it. We were all frozen and scared at the same time. And most of all, quite.
This happened many, many years ago. It made me a true believer. There was never a way of explaining how this could happen. And, always a topic of family get-together's.
I have spoken to someone from the paranormal community about this particular experience. And, all I got was a deadpan stare like, "This can't be true" (I was thinking to myself, "Then why are you involved in this field?"). But, three people witnessed this. And, it indeed happened.


  1. What a cool experience, thanks for sharing. It sounds like whatever spirit was in that house was tired of the arguing too.

  2. Yup! "It" made it's point alright! LMAO!