Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Virtual Ouija Board: Play At Your Own Risk!

I'm putting this up on my blogger for someone who was just asking me about Ouija Boards *wink*(you know who you are).
But, like I was talking about before. I'm not crazy about them. And, the story behind them is deeper then that. So "BEWARE"! (I'll talk more about it later).


  1. My daughter's friend April had lots of strange things happen after she and some friends used a Ouija board. I posted some of her stories on our blog.

  2. Got to read them, thanks! I was just speaking to someone about them. Told him not to throw it out or burn them. There's a way to do that correctly. And, not to use them at your home. These "things" can follow you or stay.

  3. I'm a great believer in not knocking on a door unless you are sure who is on the other side. Ouija boards fall into that rule. I'm happy to have come across your site. Check mine out if you have the time. :