Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Manhattan Bistro Ghost Story (Part II)

It was believed that Levi seduced her with the promise of marriage (which he has done to others). Witnesses said they saw her on a sleigh with two men. One who is believed to be Levi's brother.
Miss Sands told her cousins of her soon to be wedding. That would have been held that coming Sunday night. As to witnesses. There were many that night due to the holidays. They all stated they heard a woman's cries for help coming from the well. On Christmas Eve a muff was found floating at the bottom on the well. As well as frozen man's footprints.
During the trial Levi had a strong alibi. And was later acquitted. It was to be believed that Miss Sands committed suicide.
Public outrage over the verdict was huge. As far as everyone knew Levi Weeks was guilty. After the trial Levi was harassed and called "murderer" everywhere he went. He moved out of town to Natchez, Miss. He became an architect and a upstanding family man. He built "Auburn" now a national landmark.
As for hauntings? It's said that in the kitchen you can see a vapor rising from the floor. And, plates and ashtrays are said to be flying off tables.

Here's some pics and video that I found interesting.

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