Thursday, March 4, 2010

TV Review: Ghost Hunters Live Event Alcatraz

So where do I start. First, the event (for me it means the investigation) is not live. Second, the live event was at the SNL studio in NYC 30 Rock with all the gang from GH, GHI, GHA. And, Josh Gates as host.
Let's start with the investigation. It's the same old, same old. But, they did use a couple of new equipment. One was a laser grid like you would see on a Mission Impossible movie. The thought behind it was interesting. It would make it easy to see movement to the eye. Second one was what Steve was using. A small flat computer that would read spikes of sound in a room. And, that was about it.
They had questions coming in from the Syfy website. And, some from the audience. One question did catch my attention? It had to do with residual hauntings. Jason said that there was a woman who was being haunted by her own (her as a child) haunting. Huh? Never heard of that one before. To me I noticed that Jason was a little nervous. But, he controlled it quite well. They announced that all the shows are coming back. GHA is coming back with new students. And, they ended the show with a cake shaped like Alcatraz and drank champagne.
There was some more stuff going on after the show on the Syfy website. But, I was falling asleep during the show.
To me the show is not for mainstream people like myself. Meaning, people that are just want to see and know the history of haunted locations. The GH franchise is only for people interested in paranormal "investigations". And, to expand the TAPS group. Personally, I don't know how many people are going into that field. Only they know. But, it opens a door to other shows to be created for people like myself. That are interested in the story. And, to see and hear as witness to an actual haunting. I know that they do this already. But, it's about 15 minutes worth. Maybe half hour shows are not a bad thing (like PS).

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