Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Seems Most Haunted Is Up And Running On The Travel Channel

Boy, it seems there is a huge confusion on the Travel Channel with Most Haunted. Their show's new season premiered last night but with very little fan fair. It's very odd? I don't write on the weekends. But, I'm writing for those who thought "it's gone!" Nope, still there. But, to get to anything on the Travel Channel website about MH is a very daunting task to say the least. To anyone new, "it's not there". But, to use old timers we had to search high and low to get any info was ridiculous.
What is the TC doing? Is this a temporary show until Ghost Adventures come back? Not even commericals where done.
As for the new series. They have changed it for the better. No screaming. No consent "repeat" button action (just less). It was funny to see Karl with his Cape May New Jersey T-shirt on during the investigation. I believe the reason some people don't like the show is their lack of equipment. But, like I've said before. You don't need all that to make an interesting show.
So, for you guys that love MH. It's on. But, for how long is the question.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Are All "Crossroads" Haunted?

This came up recently in a discussion. Wouldn't there be many sightings of ghosts at crossroads? Why? You may ask. In centuries before highwaymen or anyone caught doing misdeeds. And, charged with a crime. The were usually hanged at a crossroad. Some were just left there to teach a lesson to anyone thinking of anything that might result the same to them.
But, your wondering. Why the crossroads? People in the past were more superstitious. They believe you can cause the "spirit" to not find the right path to heaven. It's to confuse the spirit to leave it in limbo forever. This was a common sight in Europe. But, the same was done in the US.
The Burlington County Jail in NJ had at least one hanging was done about 4 miles from the jail at a crossroad. I wonder what was the reason? They had a gallows in the side yard of the prison.
So, why aren't there more sightings? Many people really don't know this little known fact. And, maybe hauntings do occur.
The Hangman tarot card means that you are at a crossroad. Suicides were buried at a crossroad. And, it's at a crossroad where Robert Johnson the famous blues singer sold his soul to the devil.
So, the next time you stop at a crossroad in the middle of the night. Take a look! See if you see a mist or a movement. It just may be a spirit.

The Ghost Mountains Of Antarctica

Yup! You heard it right. But, it's a nickname of the Gamburtsev Mountain Range. It's pretty cool actually. There is a mountain range under the ice of Antarctica. That's as tall or taller then the European Alps. Recently scientists went with a airplane with all sorts of equipment to be able to "look" through the ice. The data is unbelievable.
The tips of the mountains do "peek" through the ice. And, to just think about what's beneath is awesome.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Happened To "Most Haunted" On The Travel Channel?

Well boys and girls. It seems Most Haunted bit the dust on the Travel Channel. Oh, it's alive and kicking in the UK. A matter of fact. The have their new series this year as "live". No more pretaped shows. They still do their 8 day live events. And, other things. My YouTube will be working on overdrive.
The reason I think this is the case? Is that they are not listed as one of the Travel Channel shows. No listing, period. No main Most Haunted page. But, on Jan. 29th at 10PM EST. It shows Most Haunted : Speke Hall. We shall see.
So, where does this leave other shows? For me, lately, I have been "missing" shows here and there. Watch them online. Or, other means.
But, it's getting boring. I'm finding reading books on the paranormal my new thing. I travel a lot. So, it's nice to grab a cup of tea, some cookies, grab a book in a nice comfortable chair.
To tell you the truth. These shows don't peak my interest. You now their every movement. It's the same. Year after year. It just doesn't work after a while. Don't get me wrong I love Zak's manic behavior. But, will it get under my skin after awhile? I think so. Or, watching Brandy walking around will a tripod in hand. Yup! That'll get boring too.
As, for Most Haunted? I liked them because they always changed their format. I know, we always knew when they will yell or scream (the close ups). But, each series as of late changed each year.
As for here in the US? It's a matter of time they'll realize they either pullout or change. Well see.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

After Effects of American Paranormal: Haunted Prison

Like I said previously. I personally experienced things that are hard to explain. But, how will this show effect the other TV shows or the paranormal community? I really don't know.
I never thought that ghosts are teaming all over the place. Lurking in every corner. In a post I wrote awhile ago. For me? My experiences were far and wide. More like once in a blue moon. Many people I know say the same.
Do I think many of the shows "fake" a lot of their stuff? Sure! How else can you keep on paying all the people that it takes to run a series. I'm sure it takes a lot of dough. Will they change their shows because of the AP special? I would think so. If you say your using "science" as the basis of your show. They really don't have a choice do they. So, we'll see what happens in that department.
But, I see the shows more as "pure entertainment". And, if I like the people on the show and they make it interesting or fun (or funny) to watch. I'll watch it with a bowl of popcorn and really enjoy it. Like a great B movie. So, I don't see a problem with that.
As for the paranormal community. I somehow feel sorry for them buying "junk" equipment made by snake oil salesmen. The community should be protected from them. But, on the other hand the shows don't help them by making them think they need all this equipment in the first place. Simple is better! Which maybe would be the best way for them to go. They'll still be groups. No doubt about it. But, they might have to steer away from the hype of the shows. Don't try to be copy cats. That's not cool. Just make the group more unique from the others. Would there be as many? No, a lot of them were created because of the shows. The good ones will stick around. And, that's a good thing.
Bottom Line: I don't think it's going to be a big dent on the paranormal community. Just some minor adjustments here and there.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Semi-Review of NatGeo American Paranormal: Haunted Prison

First of all I will still tell you I'm a believer. People like myself, I know, have not changed our view. But, this show, for my son, was a bitter pill to swallow. I personally see it as, maybe it is giving me, some answers.
It was a very technical show. Which it should be. But, it's still hard for a layman to understand. Somehow I knew the scientific world would get offended sooner or later about the Average Joe "playing" around with "their" equipment. Mainly showing people that they are using it wrong. I never cared much for the equipment anyhow.
The reason I call this post a "Semi-Review" is because it's going to be on again on Sunday, Jan 31 2PM. And, I think I just might watch it, AGAIN. I have too many questions of my own to sort through.
They were basically showing that "scientifically", by scientists that everything we see on all the paranormal shows can be answered. Basically, debunking the shows. But, they did say twice, that there are still some unanswered questions that they are aware of. And, should be looked into.
I would love to go deeper into talking about the show. But, I can't. I have to understand it first. It would be mudding the water. So, I'll get back to you guys on this review.
The one thing I got so far is: You can't say your using a scientific approach. And, not understand the tools of the trade, first. Or, not understand "science" (like how can ghosts walk through walls?).
But, one of my questions is: How do objects move? Just one of the questions they didn't touch on.
Look at my previous post for the website.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

National Geographic, American Paranormal: Haunted Prison

To all my blog readers out there. Please watch this amazing show tomorrow Sunday, Jan. 24th 9:00PM EST. National Geographic's, American Paranormal : Haunted Prison.
Major scientists from all over the country enter Eastern State Penitentiary in search of ghosts.
For me, this is the holy grail I've been waiting for, for sometime now. This is a major break though. This will help me and others like myself to really understand what we have been experiencing all these years.
Happy Haunting!

Friday, January 22, 2010

What Makes A Person An Expert In The Paranormal

I've been touching this subject for a long time now. And, it's really the bases of my blog. It seems that everyone as of late believe you have to belong to a paranormal team. You have to be excepted into one first just to say your involved in the paranormal. Then you have to go in for "training", and wearing all black, before calling yourself an "expert" in the field. This confuses many people that are new to the supernatural. They feels intimidated. Very intimidated. Because they don't understand what is happening to themselves. Their trying to understand? And, that worries me. The supernatural as I call it (or paranormal) is a huge field in it own.
What makes you an "expert" in the field of the paranormal is "your personal experiences". Yes, you! Believe it or not. And, you don't need equipment to tell you what you yourself experienced. Some of these experts never had a personal experiences of the "other side". They rely on you to give it to them or for them to give it to their group. And, they are waiting for that one time they will see or hear what "you" experienced. So, you are really the expert. You know what it's all about. You went through the "experience". But, you have doubts on yourself. Or, made to feel you have doubts. So, that's why you call a group to come in the first place. Like I said, it's a very big field. So, don't be afraid to venture out on your own to buy books, go to free meetings with others like yourself and discuss your experiences. Or better still, you start a group at a local coffee shop. You would be amazed how many people are in the same boat as you and want to talk about it. Don't be afraid to go into occult shops (not psychic readers). Check online. They can steer you to people that might help you understand "yourself" (and you don't have to spend a dime). They will smile and understand you quite well. It's a pleasant surprise when that happens. The main thing you get out of this is you don't feel alone. Or, look crazy. Or, feel crazy. It's better for you to go on your own "journey" into the paranormal. Because you are the expert. And, don't forget that.
But, if you want to call a paranormal group in. Then do it. But, do talk to them about what experiences they have been through (I don't understand some people that don't want to talk about their own experiences. It doesn't make sense? So beware!). So, that way they can help you to understand a little better about yourself.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sounds Of The Paranormal

I have to bring this up. Personally, I find it funny. Every place you go. You hear sounds. All kinds of sounds. You only hear all of it (even the most faint) when a place is totally silent. If your in your home it could be the house settling. The water heater. The garbage can where plastic wrapping that you threw out early is expanding. People walking back and forth a certain area notice a book fall. Creeks and moans of ANYTHING happens after awhile. Even people in apartment houses in cities know that a subway moving underground can cause "movement" in your home. Neighbors that walk around in their own home or pulling a car out of a driveway can do the same thing. Animals that walk around the house at night. Even caged animal cause little strange noises. Animals can make some weird noises that sound almost human. And, let's not forget the pests that roam around. And, make homes between the walls.
Sounds are everywhere. But, how can you distinguish the difference. It's pretty darn hard. The past couple of days I was home alone with my dog. I live in a quite neighborhood. And, many sounds I use to ignore. Now,I was beginning to notice because of my paranormal blog. So, I wrote down each noise. I landed with a list as long as a grocery list. The most interesting was the sound from the garage. But, when I looked and try to understand what cause it. It amazed me. The garage is unheated. And, living in the Northeast the weather lately is erratic. The sun passes over the garage in a weird pattern. Some parts get the sun. While another parts don't. So, I judged that it was the sun giving heat to the side is where I heard the noise. And, what happens to the same area that was heated during the day. What sounds does it cause at night when it gets cold again? Interesting, isn't it? So many factors can cause one little noise.
As for hearing voices? I learned in science a long time ago. That it's amazing how far a voice can travel. Many years ago my son was not in the house (when he was suppose to be). But, I couldn't find him anywhere. Went outside and I could swear I hear him. Walked down the block. Nope, not there. Went down a side street. Still couldn't find him. Turn another corner and Bingo! There he was. Now that was quite a distance from my house.
I believe when it comes to the paranormal. This is an area that still needs a tons of tweaking to. Just saying you hear this tiniest crack of a sound is not enough to call it paranormal. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paranormal Cops, A & E

I noticed a lot of people knocking the show around. Just knew that would happen. It desensitizes a person after a while. Too many shows! I said this time and again. These guys came on at the tail end of the avalanche of shows coming on lately. That's exactly what happened to this show and me. And, it's a shame.
I was starting to watch it. And, I found myself walking away from the TV and doing other things. Even making a phone call. Then I woke up today and thought,"That's no good. I didn't even see the darn show". So, I went to A&E's website and watched the videos. Thank Heaven's it's in parts. So, it can keep my interest up.
But, you know what! I enjoyed it! Why? you may ask! They used their knowledge of police work towards their investigation. And, it's a good thing. They tape the edges of the doors to see if it's been tapered. Checked for old bloodstains. Which in this case came up positive. Mine you, old stains (that you can't see) from years ago. And, they used a psychic. Many police departments do use them from time to time. And, they can backtrack history better then a civilian can.
So, would I watch it again? Sure. Their using a different approach that's interesting. Anything is better then plumbers *wink*.

Ghost Ship, SS United States, Philadelphia

The SS United States is the largest ocean liner entirely built in the US since it's first ocean voyage was on July 4, 1952. And, it was the fastest ocean liner to cross the Atlantic Ocean both ways. It stayed in operation until 1969. It's strange to see it just a stone's throw from Fort Mifflin. And, across the street from Ikea at Pier 82. Sitting and waiting.
The vessel was built in a joint venture with the US Navy and United States Lines. Built so it can convert over to a hospital. Or, quickly used as a troop transport in case of war. Built to the very high standards for it's time. Totally fire proof.
During her years many celebrities have traveled on her decks. Marlon Brando, James Cagney, Salvador Dali, Walt Disney, Judy Garland, Jackie Gleason, Cary Grant, Jack Lemmon, royalty and a president just to name a few.
What's sad is that the ship was used for about 17 years. It's been totally gutted. Many people have shown interest to fix her up. But, now it's seems to be on sale. And, many are afraid it may go for scrape.
As, for any "ghosts" that maybe on board the ship? There has never been a mention if there are any hauntings going on. But, does that mean it shouldn't be investigated? I don't see why not have a paranormal team go in and check it out before it's too late. And, we will never know? Would be interesting to find out! But, always ask for permission first.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Spy House, Port Monmouth, NJ

The Spy House is one of the most haunted houses in the US. Built in 1648 as the Whitlock-Seabrook House. But, it has been moved from it's original location. Call the Spy House during the Revolution because from this location people were spying on the British. The British would come ashore to eat and drink. It is believe that there are about 30 ghosts. It's been a hotel, brothel and pirate hangout. The house was open for visitors for many years. But, now is closed to the public.
Jane Doherty visited the Spy House with a film crew for the Home Network Shopping Channel. Jane's mom was with her and said as she was walking around the grounds she saw a ghost. She described the woman was wearing old fashioned clothes and staring out to sea. And, not moving an inch. This is not the only ghost that is seen on a regular basis. A stern sea captain with a telescope looking out to sea. A young boy that likes to play with buttons on cameras. A male spirit that likes to pinch the rears of woman who visit. There's a woman who runs the house. Believed to have died childless. But, seen holding a baby. And, anyone who is holding a baby can feel a tug. Like she's trying to grab the baby. But, the most famous spirit is Robert, Captain Morgan's first mate. And, it's believe that a French family was held at the house for ransom by Captain Morgan. But, was not paid and murdered. Rutgers University revealed data from sonar readings the possibility of tunnels. And, that there may be buried treasure and bodies in the basement.
Seances were held at the house. Which may explain why so many spirits haunt the place.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cape Henlopen State Park, Phantom Lighthouse, Delaware

A spectral phantom lighthouse is seen on the Delaware side of the mouth of the Delaware River. Some call it a Corpse Light. Others call it, Bad Weather Witch. The "lighthouse" has caused many deaths along it's rocky shore.
The first record of the light is when the captain of the Devonshireman steered towards it's light which caused a near 200 deaths in 1655.
In May 1798 a British ship DeBraak was lured too close and broke apart. It's said that once in a while the "ghost" ship comes back from time to time. Reenacting it's fate.
And, in 1980, USS Poet a twelve thousand ton grain carrier vanished without a trace. Over the years hundreds have died in wrecks at the same location.
There is a local legend about the phantom lighthouse. It's believed an old Delaware Indian curse of a "Drum of Stone" signaling death to all white men is the cause. The curse was created against British soldiers who massacred a group of natives that were celebrating a marriage ceremony. The ghost of a lone Indian is seen on top of a mysterious rock. And was seen by multiple witnesses in 1800 just before an excursion barge smashed against the rocks in which many have died.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ghost Hunters International, It Seems To Be Growing On Me

I liked GHI from the beginning. Robb, when thinking back. Looked a little like a deer looking into headlights. But, now, a couple of years later. The dust settled and I believe they have the right group together now. Robb's style of investigating is very calming. A little like the painter that had a TV show painting little white clouds. Which I like. And, he gives space and choices to the other investigators. Which shows good leadership. I might not like all the places they've been to. Or, their results. But, I can take that. It's very refreshing. And, the main thing. I enjoy watching the show.
It's funny in a way. They use the same "Ghost Hunters" symbol. But, I really don't see them the same. And, it's better they distance themselves from the other GH's.
The only problem I think I see is that they should check the places more fully. Don't waste there time in old wives tales. It will bite you back.
So, they should keep up the good work. And, don't change the staff as much. Stay will them a little longer, if they can. Keep your course! Can't wait for the next show.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

One Of The Top Ten Haunted Colleges, The Brown Building Of NYU, NYC

The story is based on a horrible fire that took place in March 25, 1911, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. But, the good news is because of it. All the fire codes that protect us to this day came about because of the tragedy.
The Asch Building was on the corner of Green Street and Washington Place. The area is also known as Greenwich Village. At around 4:45PM on the 8th floor just when everyone was about to leave a fire broke out. Bottom Line: A cigarette caused the fire. Also there were no sprinkler or hoses on every floor. But, the main problem all doors opened in and not out. And, the owners of the business kept them locked at all times until the end of the day. Many of the workers were women. Fire ladders in those days could not reach the 7th Floor. Women threw themselves all over the street below as thousands watched in horror. Others just "melted" at the doorways. Some fell on top of the elevators. Even some bodies were found later in the basement on top of steam pipes. Many spectators tried as best they can to save as many lives as they can. Even NYU Law School students saved at least 150 lives that day. One thing in an odd twist to the story is the same temporary morgue at the 26th Street Pier. Is the same one that was used as a temporary morgue for a fire that happen on a excursion boat General Slocum.
It's said that some of the victims still roams the halls of the Brown Building (as it's called today). But, mainly the smell of smoke is still noticed by many students.
All the ghost tours of NYC will take you to this site and tell you it's sad tale.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paranormal State: Darkness Falls, Ryan's Actions

Last night was a very interesting show. One of the most intriguing in a long time. But, it seemed, to me, Ryan is a little distant from his fellow investigators. Not, informing them what happened to himself 6 months earlier investigating West Virginia Penn was not a good thing. And, getting a little angry at them laughing during a walk through seemed to throw them all off.
So, my thoughts that come to mind. Does he want to part ways? Maybe form a different group altogether? His actions didn't come across clear at all. When he was questioned how he was treating the group. He still held his ground.
Jason and Grant of Ghost Hunters state something very similar to Ryan. They don't want to talk about what happened personally as to do with the paranormal. What they all have in common is that what happened to them the first time is what made them get involved. Like if they are all searching.
I could understand. I'm in the same boat. I just want to understand why "they" exist?And, why they want to communicate. And, "what" are they really?
So, I would give Ryan some breathing room to follow his heart. But, he should be more open to those closest to him. This is my opinion.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Daily Quest For The Paranomal

I myself find it fascinating that I can write this 'stuff' on a daily basis? I mean, for me personally I find it easy. But, it has to be hard on people that this is brand new turf for them to understand. Recently I was thinking, "How many times did I think about the supernatural in the past?" (as I call it). Maybe every 2 or 3 years. When usually something "strange" would come up. Really honest!
Lately there are so many sites on the Internet. And, even bookstores that use to have maybe one shelf. Now has a whole section of books for anything to do with paranormal, occult, etc. And, don't get me into the equipment, nope, not going there.
But, my concern is. Is this upswing going to die? Just like the Latin music invasion. Remember after Ricky Martin hit song came out? Everyone was Latinizing their songs. That it sounded just ridiculous! Even in country music. I mean, this "paranormal invasion" did bring it out into the everyday public forum. Which is not a bad thing. But, it can also give it a bad name.
That's how it looks to me. How many of these books are based on "real" facts? How many of the stories are "true"? How many people calling themselves "experts" really in reality are not? How many paranormal groups are just doing it because they think it's a "cool" thing to do? Saying all this my point is that many people like myself are just getting a little more leery on everything we see and hear as of late. That many of use are just taking a few steps back. And, just waiting for the ball to drop. Just waiting for people just getting burnt out from all this, to just go.
I know there's some people out there that see this as an easy opportunity to cash in on this "new" (it makes me laugh) phenomena. So, they'll just make up junk. Their are some that already have a foot in the door. Because they already work in their everyday lives in certain fields that's used in the paranormal field. Like electronics, publications, writers, news, and other fields. That they can tweak their expertise and use it in the paranormal field. And turn around and call themselves experts in the paranormal. Or, worst call themselves believers. Even if they don't have any knowledge or had any previous experiences in the paranormal to begin with. That's why many of us are turned off. We can see a fake a mile away. It's just a matter of time to see what the future holds. Without the use of a crystal ball.

* 1/16/10 Just to let some of you know. I am aware someone, that has a paranormal magazine is reading my blog. I have seen some of their "answer backs" on their own mag blog (not done obviously of course!). So, to my guys, friends on my blog. Do you see what I was saying is true? Head's up!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Recent Experiences With The Paranormal

All throughout my life I had many personal paranormal experiences. Started as early as 5 years old. But, that's the past. About 6 months ago I went to visit my mother at her Assisted Living apartment. I always usually have my dog with me. There was a old woman who use to live near a glass hallway doorway closest to the elevators. I use to laugh every time I would pass her door. Because she had wooden cut outs of a dog family outside her door. She use to open her door when she heard my dog's tags made noise. I found out one day she had passed away. About a couple of weeks later I had to pick up some papers from my mother. I would pass the old apartment of the woman who had passed. Then I would have to pass though the hallway glass door to get to the elevator. The hallway door started to close on me. Which was the oddest thing. It never ever closes. And, my mother lived there close to 5 years. So, I moved it back to it's original position. Again it started to close. This happen every time I tried to open it. I knew then the old woman was giving me a message. "Where's the dog?". So, all alone in the hallway I said to her,"I'll bring him again. Don't worry? It wont be all the time. But, he'll be back". The door stayed opened.
Which this brings me to my son's situation in his apartment. About a couple of day's ago. The kitchen cabinet under the sink keeps on opening. Now, this is the kind of door that's not easy to open. But, he was thinking it was the cat. And, he's been living there for 2 years. As I was over the house this weekend. The door pops open more then a dozen times. And, the cat was sleeping. I personally experienced about a couple of months earlier as I was washing some dishes notices something from the corner of my eye. I though I saw "something" watching me. A darkish figure I didn't want to say anything.
So, not to run into a long dragged out story about these two stories. I'll get to the point. I would always get what I would call "feelings" of what is really going on in a particular situation. The old woman I understood. But, my son's apartment? I get a feeling someone die there. In the old day's people use to place their heads in an oven with just the gas on. That was more common then people know. So, it could be the anniversary of the person's death. Or, they know I'm a sensitive and trying to communicate. Which I'm very "not" into. That's why on my blog I don't write at all about my personal experiences.
The reason I'm writing on this particular post is because I'm trying to understand of how the dead, whether human or animal, try to communicate. And the reason why they want contact from the other side? These were once living things on this side at one time. To treat them without understand them first is the first mistake if someone wishes to contact "them". But, this is my own opinion.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Understanding Differences In The Paranormal World

As I mentioned at the beginning of writing this blog. All the information on the "supernatural" was past to me from my elders (and it goes pretty far back). Like I said before. This was always a taboo subject that you never mentioned. Even with your closes friends. So, it's a joy to see how open people have become. But, still not quite there yet. To go further into the "psychological". Instead of just the "physical".
When I was bored one night I was searching for something interesting to see on TV. And, I hit on Most Haunted. It was refreshing and different at the same time. But, as years gone by. And, more shows are on the air. It some how lost it's luster. But, I should have seen the signs? First, the idea of investigating was new to me. I knew from people like Hans Holzer and others in years past would visit places, interview people, bring a medium. And, last write a book. But, now we have high powered investigations that have become a little complex for newcomers in the paranormal. It's a little confusing. Even for me. And, for some, you can never "fit in". Which really is not right. Everyone lately thinks you have to do an "investigation" to be "in" the paranormal. Not true.
Like I've been writing lately. I give credit to people who with passion do these night time investigations with all sorts of equipment. That's ok. But, for me? It's not my bag. It's like telling me to go caving, or climb a mountain. I would rather "visit" a place. In the daytime. Talk to the tour operators or owners (even if they feel uncomfortable to talk about ghosts). Take pictures. Then read up the history of the place. Whether it's online, books, videos, or historical societies. That seems to be more my speed. And, I like to really understand the whole nine yards of a haunting. There's more to all this then the "regular Joe" knows. That's what's very surprising to me. Nobody's gone there "yet". There's still some subjects that are taboo. Unless you open the door "wide open" your not going through the door yet. And, like the old saying goes, "Different strokes for different folks!" There's really no guidelines to the paranormal. It's what's you personally feel is right for "you". That's important. And, to respect others people beliefs and practices. We are really all on the same page.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Revisiting The Story Of Villa Paula Mansion, FL

I've been off awhile. So I had a little time to go back on my blog. And, been checking over old comments that I've just seen for the first time. So, I'm sorry guys for not replying sooner. Anyway, one of the comments was from Ed de Jong, President and co-founder of The League of Paranormal Investigators. It was mentioned that my information was a tad to old. But, I explained that that was all the information I could find, on my end.
So, he helped me with newer information that I will pass along to you. The doctor I've mentioned no longer owned the mansion. Instead it's a group called Villa Paula Restoration.
I found this article in the Biscayne Times:

As for my friends at The League of Paranormal Investigators, this is their website: The are researching all the information to the mansion. So they are the one's to contact.

As for me, like I wrote to Ed. I like to write about places that people don't know about. Or, maybe heard very little. And, I write about it because it should be the next place for people who like to investigate (not I, I'm not into that) are welcomed to check out. Hope this clears it.

Pictures from a fashion photo shoot:

My blog post: July 8, 2009

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spooky Themed Restaurants, All Year Long!

Going back to NYC for some business. And, usually me, my husband, and son go out to eat in some nice restaurant. This time I don't want to got back to my same old hangouts. So, I remembered that there was a restaurant near the corner of 57th Street and 6th Ave.(Ave. of the Americas) called Jekyll and Hyde Club. I never went in because it was one of those themed restaurants like Plant Hollywood, or the Hard Rock Cafe. I remembered when my son was small going to a outer space themed restaurant in the city (I think it's still there, STAY AWAY). It was just plain awful. It was tacky as can be. I would have rather have gone to Chucky Cheese. Which is not saying much. But, I remembered passing by over and over again in front of this spooky restaurant. With it's spooky head coachman standing in front. With long lines to get in. Long Lines! Unbelievable!
All I know the front facade is all decked out with a complete haunted mansion design. And, as far as I know it's 3 to 4 stories high. So, I am contemplating going in this time. I checked out their website. And, it's the typical junk food like you find in a theme park. But, I might give it a go.
There is another theme restaurant similar to the one in NYC called The Hell Fire Club in London. Next, will be a real haunted house converted to a paranormal investigation theme restaurant. I can see it now. They'll give each table a emf detector. And, in the middle of the meal a "lights out" will be done for the patrons. Believe me this is not as far fetch as you think.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ghost Island, Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima (Gunkanjima) Island aka Battleship Island. Called so because of it's shape. Even in WWI American submarines thinking it was a battleship, bombed it.
In 1890 a coal mining company, Mitsubishi started to build factories on the island. And a concrete wall surround the island was made to protect it from hurricanes. Cement apartment buildings were built nine stories high with no elevators, or escalators. Stairs were built so steep that one was called the "Stairway to Hell". In 1959 the population density was the highest ever on record, 1,391 per city block. The whole island was at one time 6,000. With the replacement of coal with petroleum products the Hashima mines were closed. One author stated about the island, "Hashima is what the world will be like when we finish urbanizing and exploiting it a ghost planet spinning through space-silent, naked, and useless source."
As of April '09 it was opened to the public. As for hauntings? There must be stories. Plenty of them. It's just sitting there waiting for it's first paranormal investigation. We'll hear about it soon enough. You'll see!

Monday, January 4, 2010

MI:ST Society's Investigation of Morris-Jumel Mansion, NYC

I found it very exciting to hear that someone went to the Morris-Jumel Mansion all these years after Hans Holzer's last visit in the '60s. MI:ST Society went to the mansion with the New York Post (a newspaper) in tow. Loved seeing the inside of the old mansion again. So, full of history.
As for the MI:ST investigation? I'll put it up for you guys to read. And, also be free to read my blog of the place also. Enjoy!

My blog of Morris-Jumel on Aug. 6, 2009