Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paranormal Cops, A & E

I noticed a lot of people knocking the show around. Just knew that would happen. It desensitizes a person after a while. Too many shows! I said this time and again. These guys came on at the tail end of the avalanche of shows coming on lately. That's exactly what happened to this show and me. And, it's a shame.
I was starting to watch it. And, I found myself walking away from the TV and doing other things. Even making a phone call. Then I woke up today and thought,"That's no good. I didn't even see the darn show". So, I went to A&E's website and watched the videos. Thank Heaven's it's in parts. So, it can keep my interest up.
But, you know what! I enjoyed it! Why? you may ask! They used their knowledge of police work towards their investigation. And, it's a good thing. They tape the edges of the doors to see if it's been tapered. Checked for old bloodstains. Which in this case came up positive. Mine you, old stains (that you can't see) from years ago. And, they used a psychic. Many police departments do use them from time to time. And, they can backtrack history better then a civilian can.
So, would I watch it again? Sure. Their using a different approach that's interesting. Anything is better then plumbers *wink*.


  1. Ah ha! I found where you watched it too! (I commented on your Most Haunted post, then RSSd your blog and saw this in the feed that popped up.) You had the same reaction I did! (And you feel the same I do about the "avalanche" of shows. Very apt description!) Something tells me based on the few posts of yours I read so far you're going to be one of those who sparks my muse. Expect trackbacks with me referring to your posts!

  2. Thanks for posting your input about the blog. I just write what comes to mind. I don't really hang around that much. Just 1 hour a day-weekdays only. So, when I have a chance I'll check yours out.