Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Seems Most Haunted Is Up And Running On The Travel Channel

Boy, it seems there is a huge confusion on the Travel Channel with Most Haunted. Their show's new season premiered last night but with very little fan fair. It's very odd? I don't write on the weekends. But, I'm writing for those who thought "it's gone!" Nope, still there. But, to get to anything on the Travel Channel website about MH is a very daunting task to say the least. To anyone new, "it's not there". But, to use old timers we had to search high and low to get any info was ridiculous.
What is the TC doing? Is this a temporary show until Ghost Adventures come back? Not even commericals where done.
As for the new series. They have changed it for the better. No screaming. No consent "repeat" button action (just less). It was funny to see Karl with his Cape May New Jersey T-shirt on during the investigation. I believe the reason some people don't like the show is their lack of equipment. But, like I've said before. You don't need all that to make an interesting show.
So, for you guys that love MH. It's on. But, for how long is the question.

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