Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sounds Of The Paranormal

I have to bring this up. Personally, I find it funny. Every place you go. You hear sounds. All kinds of sounds. You only hear all of it (even the most faint) when a place is totally silent. If your in your home it could be the house settling. The water heater. The garbage can where plastic wrapping that you threw out early is expanding. People walking back and forth a certain area notice a book fall. Creeks and moans of ANYTHING happens after awhile. Even people in apartment houses in cities know that a subway moving underground can cause "movement" in your home. Neighbors that walk around in their own home or pulling a car out of a driveway can do the same thing. Animals that walk around the house at night. Even caged animal cause little strange noises. Animals can make some weird noises that sound almost human. And, let's not forget the pests that roam around. And, make homes between the walls.
Sounds are everywhere. But, how can you distinguish the difference. It's pretty darn hard. The past couple of days I was home alone with my dog. I live in a quite neighborhood. And, many sounds I use to ignore. Now,I was beginning to notice because of my paranormal blog. So, I wrote down each noise. I landed with a list as long as a grocery list. The most interesting was the sound from the garage. But, when I looked and try to understand what cause it. It amazed me. The garage is unheated. And, living in the Northeast the weather lately is erratic. The sun passes over the garage in a weird pattern. Some parts get the sun. While another parts don't. So, I judged that it was the sun giving heat to the side is where I heard the noise. And, what happens to the same area that was heated during the day. What sounds does it cause at night when it gets cold again? Interesting, isn't it? So many factors can cause one little noise.
As for hearing voices? I learned in science a long time ago. That it's amazing how far a voice can travel. Many years ago my son was not in the house (when he was suppose to be). But, I couldn't find him anywhere. Went outside and I could swear I hear him. Walked down the block. Nope, not there. Went down a side street. Still couldn't find him. Turn another corner and Bingo! There he was. Now that was quite a distance from my house.
I believe when it comes to the paranormal. This is an area that still needs a tons of tweaking to. Just saying you hear this tiniest crack of a sound is not enough to call it paranormal. What do you think?

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