Friday, January 15, 2010

Ghost Hunters International, It Seems To Be Growing On Me

I liked GHI from the beginning. Robb, when thinking back. Looked a little like a deer looking into headlights. But, now, a couple of years later. The dust settled and I believe they have the right group together now. Robb's style of investigating is very calming. A little like the painter that had a TV show painting little white clouds. Which I like. And, he gives space and choices to the other investigators. Which shows good leadership. I might not like all the places they've been to. Or, their results. But, I can take that. It's very refreshing. And, the main thing. I enjoy watching the show.
It's funny in a way. They use the same "Ghost Hunters" symbol. But, I really don't see them the same. And, it's better they distance themselves from the other GH's.
The only problem I think I see is that they should check the places more fully. Don't waste there time in old wives tales. It will bite you back.
So, they should keep up the good work. And, don't change the staff as much. Stay will them a little longer, if they can. Keep your course! Can't wait for the next show.

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