Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paranormal State: Darkness Falls, Ryan's Actions

Last night was a very interesting show. One of the most intriguing in a long time. But, it seemed, to me, Ryan is a little distant from his fellow investigators. Not, informing them what happened to himself 6 months earlier investigating West Virginia Penn was not a good thing. And, getting a little angry at them laughing during a walk through seemed to throw them all off.
So, my thoughts that come to mind. Does he want to part ways? Maybe form a different group altogether? His actions didn't come across clear at all. When he was questioned how he was treating the group. He still held his ground.
Jason and Grant of Ghost Hunters state something very similar to Ryan. They don't want to talk about what happened personally as to do with the paranormal. What they all have in common is that what happened to them the first time is what made them get involved. Like if they are all searching.
I could understand. I'm in the same boat. I just want to understand why "they" exist?And, why they want to communicate. And, "what" are they really?
So, I would give Ryan some breathing room to follow his heart. But, he should be more open to those closest to him. This is my opinion.

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