Monday, January 4, 2010

MI:ST Society's Investigation of Morris-Jumel Mansion, NYC

I found it very exciting to hear that someone went to the Morris-Jumel Mansion all these years after Hans Holzer's last visit in the '60s. MI:ST Society went to the mansion with the New York Post (a newspaper) in tow. Loved seeing the inside of the old mansion again. So, full of history.
As for the MI:ST investigation? I'll put it up for you guys to read. And, also be free to read my blog of the place also. Enjoy!

My blog of Morris-Jumel on Aug. 6, 2009


  1. The MI:ST Society is currently waiting to hear back from the Morris-Jumel Mansion about a return visit as they were very happy with our approach and expressed an interest to have us back this year!
    We are also locking down a day to have an investigation in the Merchant's House Museum this month (January 2010).

    In the meantime we would like to make two announcements...
    First off, The MI:ST Society (Metaphysical Investigations: Search & Test), is proud to announce that we will be holding a lecture in NYC on January 31st at the Polaris North Theater, 245 W. 29th Street (4th Floor) at 3pm.
    John Galvin, President and Co-Founder of the MI:ST Society, will be giving a lecture on "The Parapsychology of Ghost Hunting", while Tom Vullo, Vice-President and Co-Founder of the MI:ST Society will be giving the lecture "An Introduction to the Scole Experiment".
    We will also be taking questions at the end of the lecture concerning ghost hunting, parapsychology, cases and whatever else we can answer for you.
    There will be complimentary snacks and drinks and ALL profits will be donated to the little girl, Marthe, and her family that Sturges Paranormal sponsors through Plan USA. The price is $15 via paypal through the Paranormal-Lectures-In-New-York-City website posted below or $20 at the door. I would suggest you order your ticket(s) now while seats are still available as these events tend to fill up rather fast.

    For more info on the MI:ST Society's paranormal lecture this January 31st in NYC, please go to...

    The MI:ST Society can be found on Facebook at...

    Second, the MI:ST Society is currently seeking individuals with psychic abilities who would be willing to have those abilities professionally tested by our team of paranormal investigators.

    The MI:ST Society believes that paranormal investigators cannot start to understand ghostly activity without first understanding ESP and Psychokinesis.
    We hope to advance our understanding on these subjects in order to make us more knowledgeable paranormal investigators.

    Feel Free to contact us at

    or contact us on Facebook at

  2. The Merchant's House will be a great investigation. I went there as a child with my mother. She is the one that was very sensitive. More then I am. There was one particular room that disagreed with her. To the point of making her dizzy. What's funny in a more personal note of the place. I have the copy of the original key to the house hanging by my front door. Brought it in 1967.
    Keep up the good work. And, I'll gladly pass along any new information you want posted.

  3. You know what? I went to this lecture last year and it kinda sucked. I've been to most of the 29th St lectures and this was one of the worst. It was two parts, the second part about the Scole Experiment was cool but the first part was boring and seemed as if the guy was just reading what he copied out of a book. And I checked with Dan Sturges about donating ALL profits to the little girl in Africa. Yes, profits were donated, Dan's profits. It seems the MIST society members were paid for the lecture and kept every dime. Also, it seems MIST didn't investigate Morris-Jumel, I called them to verify and they had never heard of them and were not in talks to have any group investigate the house. So, I called The Merchant's House Museum who told me they had never heard of Mist either. The only investigators they work with are Dan Tisher and Dan Sturges and whomever they bring along for help. Shady, very shady.

  4. Please check the below New York Post article that was written:

  5. Glennwood,
    I am so very surprised to read what you wrote. Especially after you have reached out to me on Facebook and have had only nice things to say to me. You have even commented how good of a group we are.
    Our first and second investigations of the Morris-Jumel Mansion (Oct 2009 and again in Oct 2011) can be found in the Photo section of our Facebook page...
    Please also see the DNAinfo news page concerning our investigation of this historic mansion...

    We did help Mr. Sturges with an investigation of the Merchant House in Oct 2010 when his partner Dan Tisher had to backout and he needed a hand. He told us that we would not be allowed to take photos.

    Also in our photo section you will see that we were invited to conduct an investigation of the infamous Rose Hall Plantation in Jamaica and the private Van Cortlandt family cemetery in the Bronx NY,47140

    As far as your opinion concerning the one lecture you claim to have attended (although the Paranormal Meetup page does NOT count you as an attendee) it is only your opinion.
    Carnival Cruise Line however did find the lecture we did for them in Oct 2011 to be a huge success and they have invited us back to do more.
    You seem to think that we took a sum of money for the lecture we did for Mr. Sturges. Cab fare is all we pocketed.

    The only thing "shady, very shady" is your connection to Mr. Sturges and your attack of the MI:ST Society.

  6. I'm not aware of this information. A matter of fact, it takes me a back a little. I have no connection with anyone in particular. I have not been on my blog for personal reasons that I have to attend to. There's the old saying, "While the cat's away. The mice play". I think someone is writing things, that is "not me". Saying that, send me the posts that you have mentioned. This way I can check to see "who" is the person behind this. Thanks, for the heads up! And please keep in touch!

  7. Thank you for trying to sort this whole thing out Catnipthyme :)

    Glennwood claims that we have Never investigated the Morris-Jumel Mansion and that only Dan Sturges is allowed there. Please check out these links and see for your self that the MI:ST Society HAS indeed investigated that beautiful historic site twice already.
    also see...

    As you can see here, Mr. Glennwood is not even listed as attending the lecture we did for Mr. Sturges.

    Guest lecturers on Carnival Cruise Line speaking about the Science of Parapsychology.

    We are the only paranormal investigation team asked to lecture about the science of parapsychology by the NYC Parks Department.

    Please also use the following link to help you establish our authenticity as paranormal investigators...,47140?page=2&content_source

    Picture #60 is our winning photo that also got the MI:ST Society interviewed by Jim Kerr of Q104.3FM ...