Monday, January 18, 2010

Cape Henlopen State Park, Phantom Lighthouse, Delaware

A spectral phantom lighthouse is seen on the Delaware side of the mouth of the Delaware River. Some call it a Corpse Light. Others call it, Bad Weather Witch. The "lighthouse" has caused many deaths along it's rocky shore.
The first record of the light is when the captain of the Devonshireman steered towards it's light which caused a near 200 deaths in 1655.
In May 1798 a British ship DeBraak was lured too close and broke apart. It's said that once in a while the "ghost" ship comes back from time to time. Reenacting it's fate.
And, in 1980, USS Poet a twelve thousand ton grain carrier vanished without a trace. Over the years hundreds have died in wrecks at the same location.
There is a local legend about the phantom lighthouse. It's believed an old Delaware Indian curse of a "Drum of Stone" signaling death to all white men is the cause. The curse was created against British soldiers who massacred a group of natives that were celebrating a marriage ceremony. The ghost of a lone Indian is seen on top of a mysterious rock. And was seen by multiple witnesses in 1800 just before an excursion barge smashed against the rocks in which many have died.

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