Monday, November 30, 2009

TV Review: The Haunted, Animal Planet

So, this Sunday I had a chance to take it easy after Thanksgiving to see The Haunted. It's just a general paranormal investigative show. It wasn't that bad. But, it's not the kind of show, for me, to watch on a regular basis.
I think Animal Planet must of asked viewers for stories of their experiences of the paranormal from all over the country. Then I believe Animal Planet contacted local paranormal groups. Ones that are located nearest to the viewer. And, then asked them to investigate the home. Hence, you have the show.
What I don't like is that you see the animal, in question, a couple of times. The rest is just talking about the case from the homeowners viewpoint. Some actors recreations. And about 15 minute worth of an investigation. And, yes a lot of spooky music and drum bangs. All to let you know it's real spooky. Oh, I'm scared now. Just joking!
This particular show looked more like a comedy then paranormal. They brought in a coven. Which the story really didn't make much sense. Because all the "happenings" was really across the street from the homeowner. Now, this case was one of the two cases it seems they do per show (half hour each).
Can I recommend this show? Not really. If you have nothing. And, I mean nothing else to do. See it. Otherwise, pass it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Have A Happy Haunted Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving set an empty seat and light a candle for your recently past away relatives.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Old vs. New. Which Is More Haunted?

There are so many people that would say a medieval castle is more haunted. Not necessarily? Some of those castles were abandoned soon after an assault. Maybe at most for a hundred or more years. No different from a house built in some Florida town made the same amount of years. But, this has always been the belief. Some very old places are not haunted at all.
So, what makes a place extremely haunted? I believe what you are witnessing is the aura of the situation. Of the people living at the premises at the time of death is the cause. Bottom Line: How bad the living conditions were. You can have a brand new place and something horrible happen some after it's built. And, you can have a haunting. But, personally, I believe spirits do move on sooner or later. I don't believe they hang around. Unless the living keep on provoking them (such as paranormal investigations). Or, the spirit is benevolent in nature.
I'm not to impress with extremely old places. Like it said before in another post. Lower Manhattan has the most deaths in a single location in the US and still going. And, yet people live, party, eat, and have fun there. Without a complaint of hauntings. I know they are there. But, hey, they probably tell the spirits to join them.

Monday, November 23, 2009

New TV Show : The Haunted

Miss this last night. The Animal Planet, Discovery Channel has a new show between ghost and animals. It should be interesting. I know my dog gets effected with the things that happen in my home. And, I always knew that they are more keen to "seeing" spirits.
So, here's the site.

When I get a chance checking it out I'll do a write up on it.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Do We Want To Believe In Ghosts?

Don't worry gang. I'll be writing about some interesting haunted places. But, this is my last write up on why people investigate? Or, watch all these paranormal shows? On my other posts I was writing about fame (the shows) or just people wanting to see a ghost. But, I believe some people are wanting to going deeper then that.
I believe they want to know if there is an afterlife of some sort. I go to church and it's filled with mostly old people. They lived their lives whether it was good or bad. They want to make sure they will live on. In this case heaven. Then you have some people that believe in reincarnation. It's the same thing. But, in human form. And, then you have ghosts or spirits. I personally believe when you see so many people buying equipment, joining groups, the whole nine yards to investigate. I think it's the same as the old people sitting in the church. They want to know if they can live on. Even if it's in another form. Or, another dimension. Nobody ever says it. They are afraid of dying. And, never coming back.
As for skeptics? I think their are some that don't want to come back as a spirit or ghost. So, it's important for them to prove there is no such thing. It's based on fear. For some.
For me, I don't have the desire to go investigating. Or, being afraid of what's to come. My interest in ghosts came out of witnessing a couple myself. Otherwise I wouldn't give a darn. It's the "what was that?". So, my interest is in "how come it happens"? So, I know there are people out there that are on the same boat as I.
But, I truly believe that the majority want to know where their going when their gone? I would love it if more people just said the truth why they are so into finding a ghost. That would be very refreshing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bring The Old Supernatural Back

Sounds a little like Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back, huh? But, I mean guys bring it all back. It was the stepping stones of what you see today. Some of it was scientific back then too. But, I think now they are trying to be too extreme today. I believe the supernatural was always connected with spirituality also. That's what missing. How dare people go into a place where a human being like ourselves took their last breath. Talk to them and treat them poorly. It's very rude. No respect. Religion always was a big piece in it also. Does anyone ever really notice they never really explain why they want to "talk" to spirits in the first place?
I believe there are so many people out there involved only because they just want to see a ghost. And, that's it. I wonder how many drop it likes hot as soon as they do? Their in it for the wrong reason. And, they stay a great distance from anything occult or religious. They want to see all of this as a pure science phenomenon. Another dimension. That's why crop circles and UFO's are put in the mix. Which is odd. But, do they really believe this is the correct way you would do it scientifically? And, why aren't scientists of all fields involved? Ask that question first before talking about science.
To me it really not working. Because maybe. Just maybe. The old way was the right way. Maybe they were going in the right direction. But, everyone went the other way at the fork at the road. Time to turn around and start from scratch. To understand and learn about the supernatural.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Where Do We Go From Here? In The Paranormal World.

I have been watching shows. Reading books. Movies, etc. And, I really don't know what to think lately. As a person not involved in a group, ghost tours, conventions. Or, just plain "not" making money off this subject. Everything is coming to a screeching halt. For me, that is. It's just not the same. It was a subject that you thought about in a child-like wonderment and grew up with. And, now. So many people have just ruin it.
These people just see it as a means to make money off the topic. And, that's it. The shows are a huge problem. Personally I would tank them all. And, start from scratch. After all this recent, he said, she said of GH. It was awful. But, the main thing that really bothers me the most. There are people out there that don't believe in anything paranormal that are putting their big foot in it. Because they see, "money". You know how you know? They keep on changing their tune. Meaning. One day they are true skeptics (what they think a skeptic is). Next day. "Oh, I think I saw a ghost? So, now I know what everybody was talking about". Then they change to become believers. Gee whiz, you can't go back and forth like that. They just flip flop too much. You know their fake. It's unfair to people like us that have grown up on this subject. And, truly understand it. These people come along and tell us what this subject is all about from their angle. And, everything we knew on the subject for years just thrown out the window. They make fun of people like us. We're fools. Only they are correct and doing it correctly. And, the bottom line is from their stand point. We don't know what we are talking about. Sure, were being pushed aside. That's all.
My prediction: All these people involved lately we be gone. Mark my word. Gone! As soon as no money is coming in. Their worst then a ten dollar Gypsy Palm Reader. Please. When this is over. Everything will somewhat go back to how it use to be. Can't Wait.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Popcorn Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

Yes, I know what your thinking. She saw it now? I'm not going to pay a pretty penny for a movie that some were complaining about.
So, here it goes. I thought the movie wasn't that bad. But, not for the big screen. Meaning, it's good to go straight to DVD and Fearnet. Their budget for making the movie must of been small that's for sure. Four unknown actors. A house and one car. But their smarts came in with the publicity. That was real good. A website for voting for the movie to go to the big screen. This was a huge success. Even before people purchasing tickets to seeing the movie.
As for the movie itself. The actors were not that bad. But, for me it was too much going down the "Blair Witch" road. I give them credit on the fact that there was little blood. No sex. And, not really that scary. Sorry to say that. But, in general not bad.
There is something they did touch on. How easy with editing and other things you can fake doors moving, evps, and footsteps. Hey, I'm just throwing it out there.
But, if you like movies that can give you a good scare. Then by all meaning rent out Rosemary's Baby. That is a real great movie. I never get bored of it. Good stocking stuffer for Christmas.
But, as for Paranormal Activity. It's a good movie to see at home.

*** Popcorn Bowls

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gabriel Davies Tavern, Glendora, NJ

It was Inn was built 1756 and was used during the Revolutionary War by Colonial soldiers and pirates. But, it was primarily used to transport material to Philadelphia just 12 miles away via Big Timber Creek. The Inn was also called The Hillman Hospital during the war by George Washington. It was the attic that was used mainly for this purpose. To this day all the original furniture is there as well as bloodstains still seen in the attic. People have heard walking on the upper floors, lights coming from the windows, and sounds of people suffering.
The last owner of the house was William Schock who lies buried just feet from the Tavern. It's said he prefers to sit on his rocking chair that is located upstairs. And, to smoke his pipe. Some people claim to see smell and see him sitting in his favorite chair.

Some Of The Videos And Picture Mentioned On Donna's Interview With Ghostdivas.

These are a few of the things that were mentioned during Donna's interview with the Ghost Divas. So basically it combines to the interview.

I have seen lately a turn of events on this situation. A lot of sites have been changing their tune. To the point that it's a little scary how much power one group can have. Or, what the TRUE story is? But, I'm not changing a thing in my writing. Like I said, I'm only the messenger. The interview, videos, picture actually happened. It feels strange about why the change? I wonder how is Donna physically and "mentally" well she is? We really don't know. We all have to wait and see what happens. If anything does happen.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tailspin Of Donna's Interview With GhostDivas

I usually don't blog on the weekends. I like blogging. I'm technically my own boss. After these pass couple of days after the interview Donna LaCroix had with The Ghostdivas a lot of new issues were exposed. For one, you have to be dense not to realize that a lot that she had said has some credence to it. We, the public have ALWAYS suspected. You have to be a strong sole a person that thinks for themselves. We knew somethings were faked and edited. And made so we believe everything we see. That's making fools out of people. I'll go to a Penn & Teller magic show any day for that.
Something happens to people when the hear the little "Ka-Ching". Money. Like the song, "Money, Money, Money". It changes people. For some oddball reason everyone is walking on eggshells in the paranormal "industry". I'm going to be using that word from now on. But, we the public must protect ourselves from those who are out there to make a name for themselves. The truth seems to go on the back burner all the time as of late.
As, for Donna? If she is telling the truth? And, she didn't sign contract that would stop her from do that. Hey, please start writing a Tell-All book. Maybe this would end all this craziness that we are seeing lately. It's boring reading on sites that a certain person is a nice guy. We don't know personally any of these people. So, how can we all say what true of not.
As for forums? Some just like to be able to have excess to certain "TV Personalties". Why? The bottom line should be if that "person" you want to remain in contact with is in fact, an honest person. Period. What happens later when the poo hit's the fan. It can later land up on your own face. So, some of these sites have to remain strong. And, do the right thing. And, not be a sell out.
As of now. I'm going to sit back and see what happens the next couple of weeks.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Donna Of GH And GHI. Says All!

To be honest I'm still a little wet behind my ears about all these ghost hunting groups. So, this is all new to me (not the occult or the paranormal per se). But, this morning Ghostdivas put up on Syfy their interview with Donna LaCroix of GH, and GHI fame.

This really opens up a can of worms. For sure! And, you guys really have to listen to the "whole" interview. The "whole thing" to really get all the juicy info. No bars hold. She talks about the production company. About Why she left GHI (that goes for Andy and Brian too). Having no money. About plastic surgery. Fakery. Pictures of herself. And, Kristyn Gartland has pictures too going around on the web. The Youtube that a fan made of Jason and Grant ripping into Brian with him present. Jason looking for a place to buy in Atlanta, GA. TAPS ever changing show and partying after a shoots. And, the language on the interview (not that I have a problem with that). I knew sooner all later this stuff would come out. I thought it would happen after the show's off the air. But, don't be surprised soon you'll see Donna writing a tell-all. Come on Donna get cracking with it. Make the moo-la. But, remember you better have all this info backed up first. Because I can't find some of this stuff myself. Hey, I'm only the msger.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

TV Review: Ghost Hunters Academy

So, I watched that show. And, to be honest. It was more interesting then GH and GHI. While you ask? Because for the first time we have an understanding how GH really handle cases. And, how they run a ghost hunt. Bottom Line: What the head investigator expects from YOU. That's interesting. But, as for Steve being the teacher. I'm still on the fence. He never really impressed me all these years on GH. Jason and Grant may have a love affair with him. But, I don't. But, getting away from that they have a medium this time. And, a secret sensitive too. Now, I know Jason understand sensitivity due to the fact he is one himself (in his book). Steve called out Heather in the beginning because she didn't want to go in on the tour of the fort they were investigating. But, I understood, she didn't want prior knowledge. It would contaminate her feelings. But, I'm not sure if the two girls will be around for long because GH viewers really don't like mediums. As for the guy recruits? They are doing the usual "guy thing". Make it look like you know what your doing. Even though you know jack. Get it? And, that can make the show suffer. Because then it turns into a joke. So, this is a problem.
The whole show can turn into a problem because of the points I pointed out. Or, it can turn into one of the most interesting shows out there. We shall see.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Haunted People. Is There Such A Thing?

This is a strange topic. But, sometimes a "place" just isn't haunted. Because no one is having the experience. Or, maybe when something is "happening" is when a particular person is around. Strange, huh?
There are several things that can be the cause. And, that's only if you believe in these particular causes. One, can be just plain mental illness. The onset of the illness can come anytime in a person's life. That's something not many people are aware of. The person might hear, see, even smell thing's that no one else is noticing. All of a sudden. So, they may really believe their are spirits around them. Two, can be a demon entered the body of the person. Three, the person's psychic abilities. Whether they know it or not. Is coming out. Usually it tends to come out as they age. But, this can be also seen as mental illness. If a person is psychic, and not know it. They believe the place that they are residing at is haunted. But, after a while it's noticeable it "follows" only them wherever they go. And, know body else is having the same experiences.
That's when people go on a ghost hunt they feel relief when someone else is having the same feelings as themselves.
So, what do you do in these cases. I believe a person should seek medical care first. If it's really going to the point that becomes a real true concern. As for demons. Many Catholics and other religions believe that this can truly be very real. And, you should seek help of a priest. Last, someone becoming a psychic? It pretty tricky. There are many sites on the Internet that can connect a person to the right people. They can determine maybe through testing if this is really the case.
But, my very last thought on this topic. Maybe a spirit is "attached" to the person. Again, that's a very hard thing to determine. Then you need some sort of cleansing. And, you need a spiritualist to help you. If you so wish.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ghost Photography. What Do You Think About Them?

I'm not a really big fan of photos or films of ghosts. Because I really don't understand the equipment itself and the film process. That's where I'm really skeptical. And, where I have a problem with "skeptics". They love using all sorts of equipment to prove their point. I'm skeptical of all equipment, period. Too many holes.
Photos of the past were always questioned. Because they looked too fake. But, today with all the photoshop and other methods. It can fool anyone. Too tricky. Gee, even my son loves to use photoshop showed me how you can make a "ghost" photo in two seconds. And, believe me, it looks like so many of the photos that are out there. He proved "my" theory. So, I found a couple of websites that are interesting. Just about photos.
This one is great to look at. It's to get a really good idea of what these photos look like. Some are really not to take seriously.
This one really explains about the different fake photos out there. Really breaking it down for someone like myself to understand.
Another interesting site. Really to look at when you have nothing else to do.
Same with this one.
These are two interesting news articles.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Are There People Making Money From The Paranormal?

Yes, many. And, it's really sad to say so. Because their are many out there just saying they are doing it to help you. Don't believe it. Many started with the "help" idea and it snowballed. Yes, I read many books, and watch TV shows and see movies. But, I always have done so. Mainly because of my own experiences in the field. I always had interest. Lately some of the books, and shows, and the internet have created a boom of some sort. And, it worries me. Because in the past it was a simple and very closed off section of life that has always been there. But, somehow went to the masses. It's like pizza. The first one in the US was in the 1930's. People were happy with the original experience. Fast forward: Now you have pizza with macaroni, ham, pineapple and so on. It took the original experience and basically destroyed it. Then it changes to the point that you don't want any pizza at all. Get it?
That's what's happening in the paranormal world. It just went too far. To the point you have people joining the band wagon to make money. It's sickening. Personally, they are fooling themselves that they think that people like myself are unaware of what they are doing. I just like things to go back the way it use to be. That the people that really truly believe in this field are the only ones involved. The charlatans can go jump in the river for all I care. But, then again if they see no revenue coming in, they'll leave anyhow. But, not without destroying the field first. Very sad.
This website is an example of what I am talking about.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Perplex? What Is The Paranormal?

With the TV shows, books and other information. I'm personally a little confused. And, for sometime now, about the paranormal investigations of "now". I'm now reading a very interesting book by Dan Aykroyd's father Peter H. Aykroyd called A History Of Ghosts. It touches on the points of the paranormal I was brought up with. And, it is the bases of everything that is going on now with the paranormal. But, somehow, somewhere, somebody came up with all the "new" information about the spirit world. And, it's tremendously a mess. I know the new way is "scientific". But, it still doesn't quite add up. Lately I noticed It's as if they realize they are missing something. That's what I have seen as of late.
On a recent Ghost Hunters show. You see all the investigators walking around with equipment in their hands. Bored! Strange isn't it. Why are they bored? For one, they know, and only they know they are not going to find anything. I also believe many of these investigators to this day have never seen a thing. It's very noticeable when they "jump" when they hear something or see something they don't understand. Their really scared. And, then they get annoyed at the fact that something "stupid" made them scared. And, made them look stupid to the audience. Then why are you there in the first place? I believe like in Mr. Aykroyd's book you have to learn how to communicate. Correctly. There are random times a spirit might appear to the unexpected person. And, that person witness an apparition.
I don't know yet what the right formula is. Someday somebody will find it and open the door that everybody has been looking for.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fire Island Lighthouse, Long Island, NY

The original lighthouse was built 1826. Made of imported stonework of Connecticut Blue Split Stone. A Mr. Smith with his family were hired to become the first lighthouse caretaker. While the first lighthouse was being built. Shipments had to come in to complete it. And the wait was long. The contractor talked him to staying in a small wooden shack until completion. Needless to say one of his young daughters died from exposure to the elements. Many stories arose from this tragedy (there is no record). Because of his daughters death. It's said he hung himself in the tower.

A second lighthouse was built 1857 because the original was too short for ships to see the light. You can still see where the original lighthouse was. But, it's just ruble. Many of the stonework was used on the second lighthouse. Which was built 6 miles away.

This is where the confusion starts. Why would the lighthouse caretaker "haunt" the new lighthouse. Maybe it transferred with the stonework? Not sure. But, at the 1887 lighthouse the hauntings consist of the heavy doors open and close by themselves, strange laughing, banging sounds, eerie feeling. Some employees say they have trouble closing one of the windows in the tower. It just will not close. They hear also in the tower moaning. And the strangest one they say as you walk up the stairs of the tower. You can see into the second floor of the lighthouse keepers house. And, it looks as though someone is looking back at you from the second floor window.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Should We Believe In Everything We See And Hear?

This topic about the paranormal field is very interesting. It's really two-fold. First, you have the actual experiences that people believe to be paranormal. I have written about certain things before. So I don't want to repeat myself. Too many outside influences can be a cause. Such as animals, the premises condition, the personal health of a person seeing and hearing.
Now the second part is the paranormal investigators. Let's be frank. We are going on their word. Even with so call "proof". They bring in the personal experience of the case. Then we depend that the equipment they are using is be used correctly and actually working correctly. Some of this equipment is being mishandled. How, by using them time and time again. Transporting them from site to site. And, not collaborating after each use by a professional electrical tech that has a license to do so.
And, the books. Unless it's written by engineers, scientists, meteorologists, etc. It's useless.
The paranormal field has been changing in an incredible rate. That that's why so many shows are out there. Showing different ways of investigating. But, there's an open door for someone to have a show base on debunking the debunkers. Oh, I'll bet you that's next. Randy, Penn, you guys are up next.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poveglia. Venice, Italy

The Poveglia is an island located in the Venice Lagoon area. And, is not open to the public. You have to ask for a request to be able to investigate. This island has close to a thousand year history of misery. Starting from Roman times during it's plague. And, the Black Death of the middle ages. Originally the island had a small community living there but was abandoned around 1380. A leper colony was established as well as a plague pit. And, a Lazaretto, or quarantine station. Which was created to keep unhealthy people way from the health. It's believed that close to a total of 160,000 people have died on the island.
Around 1922 a mental hospital was built. Workers as well as patients stated they have seen ghosts walking all around the property. There is a story about the Chief Doctor that was working there. It was said that he tortured his patients through experiments. There he went mad. And, it's said that the patients took him up the bell tower and pushed him over. He survived the fall. But, as the story goes. He was then strangled by a strange rising mist from the ground.
Today, the island is used for farming primarily vineyards. And, there is talk (maybe even being started to be built) to build a luxury hotel there.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Live TV Shows. Very Strange?

First I'll admit one thing. I didn't finishing seeing the Ghost Hunters Live (first time) and Most Haunted Live 8 Faces of Evil. As for Ghost Hunters. It was a little on the confusing side. I'll lay the blame on "who" was really running the show for that night. Too many commercials. Why so little investigating. Here's a few questions?: Why really didn't Jason and Grant wanted to do the Live (other then their children)? Why weren't the "whole" GH team there to do the show? Why wasn't GHI allowed to run it? And, the most important question: Why is Steve never reprimanded for his stupid actions (the Fart)? I'll watch either the re-run of this show. Or, on Youtube. And, let you know.

Most Haunted is very grueling to watch. I have to watch it on Youtube. And, it's 8 nights 7 hours each. But, I have to watch this one. They receive a lot of flack from viewers for their recreated "hanging" using Karl. Many viewers stated their not going to watch the show anymore after this. So, again. I let you know my thoughts later.

Ghost Adventures, well, I still like them. But, they really have to tweak this for next year. The host really had problems with speaking. Maybe nerves. But, still it was very annoying. Nick dragging that cord. How can you hear anything? Chris Flemming using any show to help sell new equipment. Remember GH and him with the KII? Please, somebody has to stop him from doing that. And, Robert Bess what a character he is. It was quite obvious that he thought that night vision camera wasn't on him when he threw the EMF on the floor Remember it's pitch black in there so he knew no one can see him. And, that huge machine with the alarm. Aah! To think about all the paranormal shows. We always never see where the sound is coming from. Very good job from the guys keeping an eye on Mr. Bess.

Each year with all these shows something always happens. Hey, that's Live TV. So, like I said I'll write up about GH Live and MH Live. When I get a chance.