Thursday, November 12, 2009

TV Review: Ghost Hunters Academy

So, I watched that show. And, to be honest. It was more interesting then GH and GHI. While you ask? Because for the first time we have an understanding how GH really handle cases. And, how they run a ghost hunt. Bottom Line: What the head investigator expects from YOU. That's interesting. But, as for Steve being the teacher. I'm still on the fence. He never really impressed me all these years on GH. Jason and Grant may have a love affair with him. But, I don't. But, getting away from that they have a medium this time. And, a secret sensitive too. Now, I know Jason understand sensitivity due to the fact he is one himself (in his book). Steve called out Heather in the beginning because she didn't want to go in on the tour of the fort they were investigating. But, I understood, she didn't want prior knowledge. It would contaminate her feelings. But, I'm not sure if the two girls will be around for long because GH viewers really don't like mediums. As for the guy recruits? They are doing the usual "guy thing". Make it look like you know what your doing. Even though you know jack. Get it? And, that can make the show suffer. Because then it turns into a joke. So, this is a problem.
The whole show can turn into a problem because of the points I pointed out. Or, it can turn into one of the most interesting shows out there. We shall see.

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