Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poveglia. Venice, Italy

The Poveglia is an island located in the Venice Lagoon area. And, is not open to the public. You have to ask for a request to be able to investigate. This island has close to a thousand year history of misery. Starting from Roman times during it's plague. And, the Black Death of the middle ages. Originally the island had a small community living there but was abandoned around 1380. A leper colony was established as well as a plague pit. And, a Lazaretto, or quarantine station. Which was created to keep unhealthy people way from the health. It's believed that close to a total of 160,000 people have died on the island.
Around 1922 a mental hospital was built. Workers as well as patients stated they have seen ghosts walking all around the property. There is a story about the Chief Doctor that was working there. It was said that he tortured his patients through experiments. There he went mad. And, it's said that the patients took him up the bell tower and pushed him over. He survived the fall. But, as the story goes. He was then strangled by a strange rising mist from the ground.
Today, the island is used for farming primarily vineyards. And, there is talk (maybe even being started to be built) to build a luxury hotel there.


  1. As of Feb 2010 no construction was underway and no vineyards were present.

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  4. Great pics! Not going there anytime soon. But, I'll tell you. You can do a write up on your trip and I'll gladly post it here. With your name and web address. I've done that already with an investigative group. So, your welcome to do so.

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