Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ghost Photography. What Do You Think About Them?

I'm not a really big fan of photos or films of ghosts. Because I really don't understand the equipment itself and the film process. That's where I'm really skeptical. And, where I have a problem with "skeptics". They love using all sorts of equipment to prove their point. I'm skeptical of all equipment, period. Too many holes.
Photos of the past were always questioned. Because they looked too fake. But, today with all the photoshop and other methods. It can fool anyone. Too tricky. Gee, even my son loves to use photoshop showed me how you can make a "ghost" photo in two seconds. And, believe me, it looks like so many of the photos that are out there. He proved "my" theory. So, I found a couple of websites that are interesting. Just about photos.
This one is great to look at. It's to get a really good idea of what these photos look like. Some are really not to take seriously.
This one really explains about the different fake photos out there. Really breaking it down for someone like myself to understand.
Another interesting site. Really to look at when you have nothing else to do.
Same with this one.
These are two interesting news articles.


  1. is this really a photo? i mean, do yo edited it in photoshop?

  2. Lol! If I saw something like this in real life? I would fall off my chair. If it were real?