Monday, November 30, 2009

TV Review: The Haunted, Animal Planet

So, this Sunday I had a chance to take it easy after Thanksgiving to see The Haunted. It's just a general paranormal investigative show. It wasn't that bad. But, it's not the kind of show, for me, to watch on a regular basis.
I think Animal Planet must of asked viewers for stories of their experiences of the paranormal from all over the country. Then I believe Animal Planet contacted local paranormal groups. Ones that are located nearest to the viewer. And, then asked them to investigate the home. Hence, you have the show.
What I don't like is that you see the animal, in question, a couple of times. The rest is just talking about the case from the homeowners viewpoint. Some actors recreations. And about 15 minute worth of an investigation. And, yes a lot of spooky music and drum bangs. All to let you know it's real spooky. Oh, I'm scared now. Just joking!
This particular show looked more like a comedy then paranormal. They brought in a coven. Which the story really didn't make much sense. Because all the "happenings" was really across the street from the homeowner. Now, this case was one of the two cases it seems they do per show (half hour each).
Can I recommend this show? Not really. If you have nothing. And, I mean nothing else to do. See it. Otherwise, pass it.

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