Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Old vs. New. Which Is More Haunted?

There are so many people that would say a medieval castle is more haunted. Not necessarily? Some of those castles were abandoned soon after an assault. Maybe at most for a hundred or more years. No different from a house built in some Florida town made the same amount of years. But, this has always been the belief. Some very old places are not haunted at all.
So, what makes a place extremely haunted? I believe what you are witnessing is the aura of the situation. Of the people living at the premises at the time of death is the cause. Bottom Line: How bad the living conditions were. You can have a brand new place and something horrible happen some after it's built. And, you can have a haunting. But, personally, I believe spirits do move on sooner or later. I don't believe they hang around. Unless the living keep on provoking them (such as paranormal investigations). Or, the spirit is benevolent in nature.
I'm not to impress with extremely old places. Like it said before in another post. Lower Manhattan has the most deaths in a single location in the US and still going. And, yet people live, party, eat, and have fun there. Without a complaint of hauntings. I know they are there. But, hey, they probably tell the spirits to join them.

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