Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Do We Want To Believe In Ghosts?

Don't worry gang. I'll be writing about some interesting haunted places. But, this is my last write up on why people investigate? Or, watch all these paranormal shows? On my other posts I was writing about fame (the shows) or just people wanting to see a ghost. But, I believe some people are wanting to going deeper then that.
I believe they want to know if there is an afterlife of some sort. I go to church and it's filled with mostly old people. They lived their lives whether it was good or bad. They want to make sure they will live on. In this case heaven. Then you have some people that believe in reincarnation. It's the same thing. But, in human form. And, then you have ghosts or spirits. I personally believe when you see so many people buying equipment, joining groups, the whole nine yards to investigate. I think it's the same as the old people sitting in the church. They want to know if they can live on. Even if it's in another form. Or, another dimension. Nobody ever says it. They are afraid of dying. And, never coming back.
As for skeptics? I think their are some that don't want to come back as a spirit or ghost. So, it's important for them to prove there is no such thing. It's based on fear. For some.
For me, I don't have the desire to go investigating. Or, being afraid of what's to come. My interest in ghosts came out of witnessing a couple myself. Otherwise I wouldn't give a darn. It's the "what was that?". So, my interest is in "how come it happens"? So, I know there are people out there that are on the same boat as I.
But, I truly believe that the majority want to know where their going when their gone? I would love it if more people just said the truth why they are so into finding a ghost. That would be very refreshing.

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