Monday, November 16, 2009

Gabriel Davies Tavern, Glendora, NJ

It was Inn was built 1756 and was used during the Revolutionary War by Colonial soldiers and pirates. But, it was primarily used to transport material to Philadelphia just 12 miles away via Big Timber Creek. The Inn was also called The Hillman Hospital during the war by George Washington. It was the attic that was used mainly for this purpose. To this day all the original furniture is there as well as bloodstains still seen in the attic. People have heard walking on the upper floors, lights coming from the windows, and sounds of people suffering.
The last owner of the house was William Schock who lies buried just feet from the Tavern. It's said he prefers to sit on his rocking chair that is located upstairs. And, to smoke his pipe. Some people claim to see smell and see him sitting in his favorite chair.

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  1. took multible pics here. there was an orb that moved across the shots on a multi shot setting. i am drawn to the stone bench on the left hand side of the building and tend to look at the window. stones are known to have natural energy, ghosts/spirits energy interact with the stones energy. its a neat place. the benches in the woods are kind of strange/creepy looking. still cool though