Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bring The Old Supernatural Back

Sounds a little like Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back, huh? But, I mean guys bring it all back. It was the stepping stones of what you see today. Some of it was scientific back then too. But, I think now they are trying to be too extreme today. I believe the supernatural was always connected with spirituality also. That's what missing. How dare people go into a place where a human being like ourselves took their last breath. Talk to them and treat them poorly. It's very rude. No respect. Religion always was a big piece in it also. Does anyone ever really notice they never really explain why they want to "talk" to spirits in the first place?
I believe there are so many people out there involved only because they just want to see a ghost. And, that's it. I wonder how many drop it likes hot as soon as they do? Their in it for the wrong reason. And, they stay a great distance from anything occult or religious. They want to see all of this as a pure science phenomenon. Another dimension. That's why crop circles and UFO's are put in the mix. Which is odd. But, do they really believe this is the correct way you would do it scientifically? And, why aren't scientists of all fields involved? Ask that question first before talking about science.
To me it really not working. Because maybe. Just maybe. The old way was the right way. Maybe they were going in the right direction. But, everyone went the other way at the fork at the road. Time to turn around and start from scratch. To understand and learn about the supernatural.

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