Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Should We Believe In Everything We See And Hear?

This topic about the paranormal field is very interesting. It's really two-fold. First, you have the actual experiences that people believe to be paranormal. I have written about certain things before. So I don't want to repeat myself. Too many outside influences can be a cause. Such as animals, the premises condition, the personal health of a person seeing and hearing.
Now the second part is the paranormal investigators. Let's be frank. We are going on their word. Even with so call "proof". They bring in the personal experience of the case. Then we depend that the equipment they are using is be used correctly and actually working correctly. Some of this equipment is being mishandled. How, by using them time and time again. Transporting them from site to site. And, not collaborating after each use by a professional electrical tech that has a license to do so.
And, the books. Unless it's written by engineers, scientists, meteorologists, etc. It's useless.
The paranormal field has been changing in an incredible rate. That that's why so many shows are out there. Showing different ways of investigating. But, there's an open door for someone to have a show base on debunking the debunkers. Oh, I'll bet you that's next. Randy, Penn, you guys are up next.

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