Thursday, December 31, 2009

Have A Scary New Year!

Don't Drink and Drive! Always be Alive to Jive!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well, Spoke To Soon! My Paranormal Predictions For The New Year.

Just when I thought, BAM! Another new paranormal show is coming around the bend. A&E Paranormal Cops. Jan. 19th at 10:30PM EST. Their Chicago Cops that investigate during the off hours. 6 1/2 Hour Episodes. I believe the first one is a one hour investigation of Casa Madrid.
As for other parts of my predictions? Last night on Paranormal State I do have to say I was a little shocked. At just about how far these shows will go. The first 1/2 hour was fine. It made sense. And it was an interesting show. But, the second? Well, well, well, a bondage sex club? With a strange connection? Oh my! And, that what made it a bit confusing to say the least. That's all I can say.
So, this all opens up the question? How far is too far? Whether it's cops, sex clubs. Or,should recent known places of tragedies happened be investigated? Is this really entertainment? Or, just to make a quick buck? I really don't know. I hope not. Hope it doesn't go all the way down the rabbit hole. They should keep it true, interesting, and don't cross lines to tasteless. That should be it for now. *looking both ways, sweating*

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mardi Gras. New Orleans, The Most Haunted City In The US.

Mardi Gras, "The feast before the fast". Or, also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent. It's really the day when Catholics can overindulge before fasting.
A French-Canandian explorer Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville discovered a patch of land in 1699. He called it Pointe due Mardi Gras. And, so was the start of Mardi Gras being celebrated in New Orleans.
So, if your planning a trip around this time. Make sure you visit the most haunted city in the US. I'll give you one to wet your taste buds.
Madame Marie Delphine Macarty LaLaurie lived in a Mansion located on 1140 Rue Royale is said to be very haunted. Footsteps will be heard in the attic. Disembodied voices in some guest rooms. It's said also you can hear children laughing and running around the courtyard. A woman is seen around the mansion. Sometimes a man.
The story goes that Madame LaLaurie and her husband Dr. Leonard LaLaurie tortured, abused and even killed about 100 slaves in their famous Torture Chamber Attic. Then would buried the dismembed bodies in the rear of the home. Even inside.
If you like to read of all the stories of New Orleans while traveling. Here's one: "Journey Into Darkness: Ghosts, and Vampires of New Orleans" By Kalila Kathrine Smith.
And, visit the Voodoo Website: Just to get the eerie feel of the place before you go.
And, a little tidbit information about the Mansion. The actor Nicolas Cage owned the LaLaurie Mansion at one time. Tell me if that's not creepy enough.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Predictions For 2010 For The Paranormal. For Fun!

Hope everybody enjoyed there holidays, so far! So, to have a little fun I would like to "guess" what's going to happen this coming year in the paranormal community. First, a lot of those weird paranormal shows that have been popping up on us (Ghost Lab, Extreme Paranormal, The Haunted, so on and so forth) will disappear. Or, heaven forbid! More keeps rolling in. Next, they'll be more paranormal equipment. Hey, all those MIT engineering graduates want to make some money to pay off their school bills back. So, they'll just pop "toys" out for those who are willing to pay good money to say the found a ghost. Paranormal groups? A lot of them have been closing up. It's not that much fun as they thought it would be. Who has money to buy a Nascar trailer (Ala, Ghost Lab)to pull around. And you find out it's not a stepping stone for you to meet your favorite TV investigators. Books? They'll always be around. I believe more books on the paranormal are going to be on Barnes and Nobles shelves then ever before. Then all these paranormal websites will begin to shut down. Because of one factor. You can only write about the same people, places, and questions for so long before it runs it's course. Some of these sites just pass the same information you found in one site to another site. It gets to be a little ridiculous after a while. And, the same people on the forums jump from one forum to another. You can run away from them.
And, lastly, the basic issues! The main thing that bothers people the most? The investigations to the same places over, and over, and over, again, it's like beating a dead horse. And, the visits to strange people, in strange little houses in the middle of nowhere don't cut it either. I have never once seen any group visit an apartment houses (in a big city), schools, retirement homes, and the list is endless. But, most of all the "formats" of all these shows, websites, etc. Have to change their tune a little. Be a little more humble that you really don't know as much as you say you do. Admit it's unknown territory to you as it is to us. Make the formats more humanized. As for science? Until really scientists can get in to debunk all this misinformation going around. There's nothing science about it. So, I believe this will be the new wave of the future that we'll be seeing soon. I hope?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas's Favorite Ghost!

Jacob Marley died December 24, 1836. He's one of my favorite character's in many novels I have read during my life. Which in this case is "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.
He was an old business partner of Ebenezer Scrooge. And, Scrooge was Marley's sole executor to all of his belongings after death.
So, as the story goes Marley lands up in purgatory. And, came back as a ghost haunting Old Ebenezer in different forms. But, mainly as the transparent ghost with heavy long chains. And, the chains have attached cash boxes, locks, keys, padlocks. When Scrooge asked, why the chains to his old partner. He replies by saying that it was created during his lifetime. He's upset that he never found happiness during his life and now even in death. So, he's damned to walk the earth dragging the chains for eternity. All this is to help Scrooge redeem himself. So, the same will not fall onto him.
We as readers will never know what happened to Marley after Scrooge had a change of heart. We really do hope for the best.
I wish you all Happy Holidays. And, please give to those who are forgotten during the year. Either friends, family, strangers or animals. Don't forget them! Peace!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

GL TV Review: Paranormal State "Dead Legends"

**Warning: Spoiler** Ok, I don't want to get into a habit of writing about the paranormal shows. But, a big but, this particular case was so unusual I have to do it again. So, that being said. This is a case about a hotel in Pennsylvania. They have so much going on there it would be an investigators dream in a package. A shmorgusborg. Or, so it seems.
The owner said there are three hauntings. A young boy, a butcher, and a bride. The reason PS was called in was that someone was doing a video on a stairwell. And, they see a dark shadow of a boy. That spooked them so much that they had to do something. Now, we haven't see Chip Coffey awhile. And, they had him blindfolded the whole time while in the building. So, now that I give you a feel of what the situation is. Here's the hitch.
While Chip was in there he said exactly what the hauntings are. And, he went bye-bye. They just used him a spit. Strange huh? Now, while they were investigating it was a carnival ride of activity. Unreal I would call it. The most I ever seen in any show. But, the punchline is: With all this going on. They went to the Historical Society and the local newspaper. Zilch! Nothing! Nada! Nothing ever happen at the hotel. Scary or just plain strange. So, they concluded that these activity were created by the stories people past down to one another. To the point that (I know this is going to sound nuts) spirits came from wherever, to become real. As for Chip. He was mind reading. Oh my, where does this all leave us? *My mind is thinking* Blank, blank, blank. Another words, I don't know what to think. Stumped. For me, I'm really on the fence with this one. And, I really think they didn't quite finish what they started there. Should they go back. Heck yeah!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Personal Reflections Of The Paranormal World

Yesterday I was watching Animal Plant's The Haunted. First, I love animals. Now, that's off my chest. Let me go into what was troubling to me when watching the marathon that was going on Animal Plant. Each of the cases had different paranormal groups involved. You listen to them talk about what the see, hear, and just plain their personal opinions. I don't agree with many of their personal thoughts. In one cases a pretty new investigator was with the clients going into a twin babies bedroom. And, they saw blood all over the place. But, nothing happen to the babies they were still asleep. Hum, I think that the investigator had a squeeze bottle on him as he was doing a solo walk though. And, damaged these to these poor people belongings. I don't think that was paranormal. And, he knew it. So, saying this my point is that the majority of the investigators, when speaking to clients. It's just their personal opinions that you are listening to. Just because you have tons of equipment, personnel and a trillion investigations under your belt. You know what your talking about. Their just regular folk like you or I. Some sensitive and some just don't feel a thing. So, why call them in the first place? This has always been a sore point for me. I wouldn't call them. I'll try to figure it out myself. Or, contact a church that know how to handle this kinds of situations. Or, just plain move. Because all these people really can't feel what you feel. Have any understanding what you are going through. To be honest. Your alone and you are the only person that can get you out of the mess in the first place. Sad but true.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Are Movies Based On True Stories, True?

Saw the beginning of Amityville Horror on TV last night. The new one. To understand why would people be interested in a fabricated story. Yes, the sad story of the family is true. But, the book written by the Lutz's is completely just what it is. A story. The movies themselves are even more fabricated. That people are just down right confused. I don't really want to get hot and heavy on this particular story. I just want to make a point. The movies make the house look as though it's in the middle of nowhere. Like a house built on a long country road by a lake, ocean. They really don't make it clear. But, the actual house is on a regular street with houses close on top of one another. With a sidewalk. And, the house is located by a canal to opens to the Atlantic Ocean. Totally different.
Some people find this out and wonder. Why didn't anyone hear all this noise that night? If their so close? The answer is they just wanted to minded their business. These were regular working Joe's that work hard and travel the distance to Manhattan. To own those lovely homes. To this day they just want people to go away. I don't blame them. It like the famous Sherlock Holmes house. Oh, yes, it's an actual address. So, when the last occupancies left. Some people took it over. And, you guessed it. Made it Mr. Holmes house. Don't believe everything. Find out first the true story.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

GL TV Review: Ghost Hunters Academy-Finale

Didn't know I was going to do another TV review so soon. But, I had know idea that the cadets would win spots on GHI. That was a surprise. Now how they will be used is what I don't understand. Also, are they going to be on this season's GHI show? Are they temps (meaning, a couple of shows)? We shall see. The other surprise is there is going to be a season 2 of GHA. Or, as some say, another semester. Jane is gone. Should have happened sooner.
All the Ghost Hunters shows are beginning to be a little confusing. People jumping back and forth from show to show. And, how is this going to effect GHI? Weren't these cadets suppose to go on the regular GH show? And, where was Robb's input on the cadets? I think that was a little unfair to his show. Did they tell these cadets(remember they are collage student) that they will be traveling overseas? I wonder how many will dropout in favor of actual school? I know I would.
My take on all this is, this is all about money. Being greedy. They have their foot in so many doors. That they know if one goes. There's another still there. They might as well make a Ghost Hunters network. Just get it over with. But, for me, I'm getting bored fast. To the point of not watching anymore.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GL TV Review: Paranormal State-New Season

This is a kind of funny. Because I unusually don't do reviews of older shows. But, I have to throw my 2 cents worth into the pot. Now again, don't get me wrong. I do like this group and their style. But, I don't think they are going in the right direction? On their first investigation of the new season. Again, they are working with a person that they believe is are being demonically possessed. I have personally have worked with the mentally ill. And, this man I believe is a danger to himself and those around him. True, they did find out that there are actual hauntings going on in the home. But, what happen is the hauntings compounded the illness the man already had in progress. I don't think this is something that should be televised to the public. If they wanted to "help". It should have been done privately.
To be fair to PS it's noticeable that investigations (in several paranormal shows) with the mentally ill have been an attention grabber. Whether dead or alive. This is not a good thing. But, getting back to the original discussion. It would be nice if PS stay away from this awhile. Because this will definitely lose fans. It just becomes uncomfortable to watch.
As an add on. He has to stop using Lorraine Warren. She is a sensitive. I don't believe she is as psychic as she tries to pull. And, it definitely comes off that way. But, all in all. I'm glad to see them back.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Such Thing As Ghosts?

Dr. Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire and his colleagues of the British Journal of Psychology. They did a study on two of the UK's most haunted locations. Hampton Court Palace, England and South Bridge Vaults, Scotland.
The psychologist are trying to prove and narrow it down to what people as seeing a place as haunted as just "feelings". Is there such a thing as ghosts? They don't think so.
They believe it's a way the body reacts to certain surroundings. Data shows people being spooked. But, with no evidence of ghosts.
But, they also proved that some people can go into a place known for it's ghosts. And, going in with no prior knowledge of that fact. They still can be spot on the certain rooms that are known to be haunted. But, again through feelings and not ghosts.
Dr. Wiseman has done all sorts of experiments. And, comes down to saying that a place maybe actually and truly haunted. What?
For me, I don't get this. Does this mean it changes the way we think of hauntings. So now I ask one question, "What is a haunting?". And, "What are ghosts?" We do hear this many times on several of the paranormal shows. Like Jason of GH stating at a reveal that there is paranormal activity present. But, he can't call the place haunted. But, were left in the air with not understanding that statement. But, the field is being narrowed down to an answer.
I think?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Are The Paranormal Forums Changing?

I have notice lately a lot of people dropping out of the forums (maybe their just Twittering). Or, just going to other forums. Just like that! I mean they are allowed to. Don't get me wrong. But, somehow what is it that disappoints them? What are they really looking for? This is just a couple of questions.
Their are some that are just plain lonely. It's a quick way of picking up so call friends. Hanging out to the wee hours of the morning. Misery loves company. But, a good bunch out there just love trying to win arguments. You can see they don't even know what they are talking about. They have to be in total control (of what?). Others, like myself don't see the cohesiveness of the topic? Half of the time it has nothing to do with the paranormal.
And, some, I do agree with this, are just not getting the answers they are looking for satisfied.
So, why have forums? Well, for starters. There are websites that create the forums so you click on their sites. For you to watch the TV show, buy something, and to give them insight to how well their website is going. In general, their business.
That's why there's a lot of grabbing and pulling from one forum to another. Facebook, Myspace, Podcast, Twitter is there to get you. For you to help them. But, I believe, from seeing for myself. Their many people closing down their Facebook, etc. Finding out it's not working for them, personally. An old fashion, meet and greet is 10 times better then false friends. They really cannot help you with your wanting knowledge on the paranormal.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Money To Be Made On The Paranormal

Now, I can writing forever on this topic. But, I'll just skim the surface. What made me think about this today I saw an advertisement. A Paranormal Cruise. Yes, you heard me right! I believe it's next October. I almost fell off my chair. This is when you know things are going too far. It's like Snuggies for dogs. It's just too much!
Every time I watch GH I just want to rip the t-shirt and hoodies off the investigators. The books, conventions, events, it's endless. Magazines, dvds, clothes, and the equipment. And, the list goes on. This is not counting the shows. The question is: What are we getting from this? Is there something psychologically that we are feeding our souls with all this? Something deep inside we need from this? There are some of us that had personal experiences that need answers. I'm one of them. Were different from this other group. We don't need celebrities. And, what do we get from the cons or events? Really nothing. So we don't go. The shows don't help us understand what we experienced. A matter of fact. They upset us. And, confuse us more.
For the others? Now, that's interesting. They'll willing to listen to all the babble. And buying everything that's being sold to them. These are the people that are making all these guys rich.
There's an old saying that P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute!". And, I'm not one of them.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Supernatural (Spriritualist) Communities

I found out recently about several communities across the country that is totally based on mediumship, healing and spiritualistic teachings. To the point of being a religion. Spiritualist Churches are in many countries around the world. But, started in the US. Went on to Great Britain and beyond.
Started by the Fox sisters in Hydesville, NY in 1848. Later they moved to Pomfret to create Lily Dale. At Lily Dale run a series of events as well as classes. Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp in Wisconsin. And, Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida. All do pretty much the same thing. The run under the same belief.
Spiritualism is a science, philosophy and religion:

* a science because it investigates, analyzes, and classifies facts and manifestations of Spirit;
* a philosophy because it studies the laws of nature both on the seen and unseen side of life and bases its conclusions upon present, observed facts;
* a religion because it strives to understand and comply with the physical, mental, and spiritual laws of nature, which are the laws of God.

Personally I never been to these places. But, I heard many people from paranormal groups going to Lily Dale. They seem to run these huge events. So, I looked into it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do We Like The Living? Or The Dead?

Which are we interested in? It seems we are more interested in the TV personality then the pursuit of the dead. It's quite noticeable. We all know Jason, Grant, Yvette, Karl, Stu, Steve, Tango, Zak, Ryan. But, what about the many spirits they are seeking? I don't remember one darn name. Or, their stories. Even the places. Very sad. Had a discussion with my son the other day. And he said, "Yeah, It's very much like the video games. Nobody wants the storyline. They just want to shoot-em-up!" This really made me think. It's very true! What's causing problems in many of these shows is the dullness of the people we are talking about. They can't keep it going. Zak can be only be that intense for so long (don't laugh). Then the fraud doesn't help either. But, getting away from that a second. It seems the public is only interested in the "living". This really blows my mind. And, it's laughable. So, what does this tell us? Ghost stories alone don't cut it. I'm getting closer to my own questions about this "new" paranormal TV phenomenon. Nobody's really interested in the paranormal (in reality). When it comes to science? People today are very gadget crazy. So, the show's do grab that particular groups interest. But, for how long?
I feel sorry for the long dead souls that are being harassed by TV cameras. It's all for nothing. Nobody will ever remember them. Ever.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

John Lennon And The Dakota

It was 29 years ago today that John Lennon was shot to death at The Dakota. The huge apartment building on 72nd Street Central Park West (about 5 blocks down was were Ghost Busters was filmed). The building was named so due to the fact that the surrounding area was flat open fields. I don't want to get into what the building is comprised of. But, in 1884 when it was built the apartment building had central heating. As well as many comforts that you see today in the most luxury high rises.The building was built in the round so carriages can go in the center courtyard. This was to let out passengers in the porte cochere (where John Lennon was shot). It is today the most "modern" building of all time. The same architectural firm is the same that built The Plaza Hotel. The building has been used as backdrop to such movies as "Rosemary's Baby". Have been written about in novels. And, sung about in songs.
But, endless famous people have lived there. Leonard Bernstein, Bono, Judy Garland, Boris Karloff, John Madden, Neil Sadaka, Paul Simon, Rudolf Nureyev, Gilda Radner and Sting to name a few.
But, The Dakata is haunted. A little girl has been seen bouncing a ball in several places of the building.
Judy Holliday's old apartment a worker saw a boy dressed in 1900's style cloths. The door slammed. And, his arm was grabbed. Then groped up his legs on the ladder he was standing on. And, his hand pushed to a light bulb that he was working on.
A third floor apartment the owner saw rugs and chairs moving on their own. The same owner one day was coming home looked up to his apartment to see a chandelier all lite up. Thinking his wife installed it while he was gone. Was surprised to see no chandelier.
In the basement a porter said that he saw garbage bags move on their own. A metal bar flew from across the room to his feet. A snow shovel almost hit him. Several residents complained of the same. A electrician working there one time saw a male ghost with a mustache watching him.
To this day no one have seen any sightings of John Lennon. But, he is remembered every year on Dec. 8th with flowers and remembrance.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Paranormal World For The New Year. What Will Be New?

Now, I never thought I would write about the paranormal and the New Year together? But, let's think about it a second. This pass year there has been a huge glut of shows, books, mags, radio, cons. You name it! So much so that I myself am turned off. No, really! Remember, I spoke about since the time I was born I was aware of this world. It's in my blood sort of speak. Investigations is a pretty new concept (as of late). Some people don't realize that. You hear about science also. And, about skeptics more then believers (because it's the "in" thing to be). And, the list goes on and on. But, what's the real deal?
I think this coming year is really the beginning of the end of what we are seeing? People will start walking away. Because it's something you can keep on promising and don't deliver. That's why there is so much fraud going on. Just like it was in at the turn of the century with "home seances". There was no TV back then or even radio. So, this was big. And, fakes were coming out left and right. It stopped as quick as it started. So, there is going to be a slow down and then to a complete halt.
I have been seeing too many people speaking or writing for the past few years. That personally I'm thinking? They don't know what their talking about? Their just going on what they are reading and seeing about around them "here and now"! When I hear some of these people talk at cons and fairs, etc. I always ask one loaded question? "How long have you been involved?" To my amazement they usually say no more then 4 years. Notice? Almost the same time GH or MH has been on the air. Very darn few times I hear them been involved longer then that. It's funny to hear them talking. It's like, it's my way or the highway. If I go to some of the old places where they have been having lectures for years. You hear a different story. A completely different viewpoint. It's another world.
So, my prediction will be more shows going bye-bye. A general slow down. And, that's not a bad thing.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Women On Paranormal Shows

I'm not one of these woman's lib kind of person. Not big on protesting. But, lately there is a very noticeable thing going on? Does anyone else notice? It seems on US paranormal shows it's all men? If there are women. It's pretty darn few. Why is that?
The reason it's more out there is because what happen to Donna La Croix. Ghost Hunters Academy. It seem to shine more brightly what it seems the American public wants. So they think? An All Boys Club. A male ego thing. Only men can hunt (back to cavemen). Only men can handle equipment correctly. It's too dangerous for women. The females scare easier. Females over exaggerate. This is why I'm beginning to not like these shows. It's an insult. I know there are women on the shows. But, their input is always never really that important. And, is this really good for children to watch?
Oh, but it's ok to see women as witches. Or, doing psychic readings.
I can foresee all these shows going under. Sooner than later. And, the execs will ask. How did that happen? The ratings are high? We were doing so great? What gives?
Easy! How much of the audience are woman? Yeah, there are some woman that swoon over Zak from GA. Or, Barry from GHI. You'll still have those. But, what about the rest?
They better change it up. And, fast.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

General Wayne Inn, Merion, PA

Built 1704 had went under several names. William Penn Inn, Wayside Inn, Tunis Ordinary and Streepers Tavern. It's renamed most recent after a local hero called General 'Mad' Anthony Wayne who stayed there once. Many Revolutionary Battles were fought near the tavern. George Washington, Marquis de la Fayette have frequented there. As well as the British and the Hessian's. Edgar Allan Poe craved his initials on the window sill in 1843.
It is said that there are 17 entities minus the most recent haunting the tavern. One of the owners of the tavern have found human remains in the basement. A recorder was once placed on a table during the night. On listening to the recorder he heard bar stools moving, the water faucet being turned on and off. Glasses catching the water. A customer once looked in through the front window and saw a man dressed in Hessian clothes sitting at the bar. Once in the 1990's someone saw a head of a Hessian on a shelf. This is to name a few.
But, what most intrigues me of the place is what happened most recent. In 1996 Jim Webb was murdered there on the third floor by his business partner. A 20 year old chef asst. committed suicide a year later. She was the only witness to Jim's murder.
Now the tavern is a synagogue and Center for Jewish Life.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Great Website For Self Helpers

I found a site that I thought I should pass on to my readers. For those who don't want strange people running around your house at night. And, you having to stay at a hotel or relatives during the investigation. This would be for you.
I've seen on Ghost Hunters many times Steve touching and playing around with people personal belongings. Even eating candy. It does make you wonder? And, uncomfortable at the same time. How many of these investigators have a background check done on them. Their not going to tell you.
So, AIMost Haunted Paranormal Investigations have everything you need. And, more.

I'll look for more sites to help you as they come.