Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do We Like The Living? Or The Dead?

Which are we interested in? It seems we are more interested in the TV personality then the pursuit of the dead. It's quite noticeable. We all know Jason, Grant, Yvette, Karl, Stu, Steve, Tango, Zak, Ryan. But, what about the many spirits they are seeking? I don't remember one darn name. Or, their stories. Even the places. Very sad. Had a discussion with my son the other day. And he said, "Yeah, It's very much like the video games. Nobody wants the storyline. They just want to shoot-em-up!" This really made me think. It's very true! What's causing problems in many of these shows is the dullness of the people we are talking about. They can't keep it going. Zak can be only be that intense for so long (don't laugh). Then the fraud doesn't help either. But, getting away from that a second. It seems the public is only interested in the "living". This really blows my mind. And, it's laughable. So, what does this tell us? Ghost stories alone don't cut it. I'm getting closer to my own questions about this "new" paranormal TV phenomenon. Nobody's really interested in the paranormal (in reality). When it comes to science? People today are very gadget crazy. So, the show's do grab that particular groups interest. But, for how long?
I feel sorry for the long dead souls that are being harassed by TV cameras. It's all for nothing. Nobody will ever remember them. Ever.

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