Thursday, December 10, 2009

Supernatural (Spriritualist) Communities

I found out recently about several communities across the country that is totally based on mediumship, healing and spiritualistic teachings. To the point of being a religion. Spiritualist Churches are in many countries around the world. But, started in the US. Went on to Great Britain and beyond.
Started by the Fox sisters in Hydesville, NY in 1848. Later they moved to Pomfret to create Lily Dale. At Lily Dale run a series of events as well as classes. Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp in Wisconsin. And, Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Florida. All do pretty much the same thing. The run under the same belief.
Spiritualism is a science, philosophy and religion:

* a science because it investigates, analyzes, and classifies facts and manifestations of Spirit;
* a philosophy because it studies the laws of nature both on the seen and unseen side of life and bases its conclusions upon present, observed facts;
* a religion because it strives to understand and comply with the physical, mental, and spiritual laws of nature, which are the laws of God.

Personally I never been to these places. But, I heard many people from paranormal groups going to Lily Dale. They seem to run these huge events. So, I looked into it.

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