Tuesday, December 8, 2009

John Lennon And The Dakota

It was 29 years ago today that John Lennon was shot to death at The Dakota. The huge apartment building on 72nd Street Central Park West (about 5 blocks down was were Ghost Busters was filmed). The building was named so due to the fact that the surrounding area was flat open fields. I don't want to get into what the building is comprised of. But, in 1884 when it was built the apartment building had central heating. As well as many comforts that you see today in the most luxury high rises.The building was built in the round so carriages can go in the center courtyard. This was to let out passengers in the porte cochere (where John Lennon was shot). It is today the most "modern" building of all time. The same architectural firm is the same that built The Plaza Hotel. The building has been used as backdrop to such movies as "Rosemary's Baby". Have been written about in novels. And, sung about in songs.
But, endless famous people have lived there. Leonard Bernstein, Bono, Judy Garland, Boris Karloff, John Madden, Neil Sadaka, Paul Simon, Rudolf Nureyev, Gilda Radner and Sting to name a few.
But, The Dakata is haunted. A little girl has been seen bouncing a ball in several places of the building.
Judy Holliday's old apartment a worker saw a boy dressed in 1900's style cloths. The door slammed. And, his arm was grabbed. Then groped up his legs on the ladder he was standing on. And, his hand pushed to a light bulb that he was working on.
A third floor apartment the owner saw rugs and chairs moving on their own. The same owner one day was coming home looked up to his apartment to see a chandelier all lite up. Thinking his wife installed it while he was gone. Was surprised to see no chandelier.
In the basement a porter said that he saw garbage bags move on their own. A metal bar flew from across the room to his feet. A snow shovel almost hit him. Several residents complained of the same. A electrician working there one time saw a male ghost with a mustache watching him.
To this day no one have seen any sightings of John Lennon. But, he is remembered every year on Dec. 8th with flowers and remembrance.

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