Monday, December 28, 2009

Predictions For 2010 For The Paranormal. For Fun!

Hope everybody enjoyed there holidays, so far! So, to have a little fun I would like to "guess" what's going to happen this coming year in the paranormal community. First, a lot of those weird paranormal shows that have been popping up on us (Ghost Lab, Extreme Paranormal, The Haunted, so on and so forth) will disappear. Or, heaven forbid! More keeps rolling in. Next, they'll be more paranormal equipment. Hey, all those MIT engineering graduates want to make some money to pay off their school bills back. So, they'll just pop "toys" out for those who are willing to pay good money to say the found a ghost. Paranormal groups? A lot of them have been closing up. It's not that much fun as they thought it would be. Who has money to buy a Nascar trailer (Ala, Ghost Lab)to pull around. And you find out it's not a stepping stone for you to meet your favorite TV investigators. Books? They'll always be around. I believe more books on the paranormal are going to be on Barnes and Nobles shelves then ever before. Then all these paranormal websites will begin to shut down. Because of one factor. You can only write about the same people, places, and questions for so long before it runs it's course. Some of these sites just pass the same information you found in one site to another site. It gets to be a little ridiculous after a while. And, the same people on the forums jump from one forum to another. You can run away from them.
And, lastly, the basic issues! The main thing that bothers people the most? The investigations to the same places over, and over, and over, again, it's like beating a dead horse. And, the visits to strange people, in strange little houses in the middle of nowhere don't cut it either. I have never once seen any group visit an apartment houses (in a big city), schools, retirement homes, and the list is endless. But, most of all the "formats" of all these shows, websites, etc. Have to change their tune a little. Be a little more humble that you really don't know as much as you say you do. Admit it's unknown territory to you as it is to us. Make the formats more humanized. As for science? Until really scientists can get in to debunk all this misinformation going around. There's nothing science about it. So, I believe this will be the new wave of the future that we'll be seeing soon. I hope?

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