Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Haunted Toys 'R' Us Store, Sunnyvale, CA

Heard about this place a while ago. This Toys 'R' Us store was built during the '70s. And, many people claim to notice toys moving. Books thrown off shelves. Cold spots. Hearing galloping horses. Water faucets int he ladies room would turn on. And, in general, the spirit seems to just like to pull pranks on people.
A script writer for the movie Toys spent 2 nights inside. And, Psychic Sylvia Brown did several seances since 1978 there.
It's believed to be a ghost of a Swedish farm hand from the 1880's who accidentally hacked his leg. And, died as a result.
For me this story doesn't hold much weight. What about security cameras? But, there has been several paranormal groups that have been there. And their investigations seems to being pointing towards the place to be haunted.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Ghost Lounge TV News

Most Haunted looks like it may not come back to Travel Channel (as for new shows is concerned). Or, like TC use to do. Just show old reruns. On Living TV UK. Most Haunted Series 13 will air Oct. 13th. It seems to look like the only way to watch the series will be through Youtube. You can also check for updates.

Starting on Oct. 3rd is Bio Channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories. What soooo eerie about it is. David Carradine and John Waters are some of the guest speakers on the show. So weird.

Then last, for now, Ghost Hunters Academy with Steve and Tango. They'll be working with, who else? College students. Starting this November. Just in time for Paranormal State moving on beyond college.

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Announcement By Ryan Bruell of Paranormal State

I was wondering what was going on with Paranormal State. Didn't realize all this "other stuff" going on too.
He has his announcement about PS. And, a movie that he is the executive producer of the "American Ghost Hunter" with Chad Calek.
And, PS series 4 is hopefully starting this December.
So, anyway here's a couple of youtube's for you guys. Gee, he's grown up now. So, funny hearing him cursing. Their leaving Steve and Tango with the college students (just joking).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ghost Adventures. I Like Them!

There I said it. I like these guys. I like Destination Truth also. But, that's for another day.
The reason I say this. This is in response of a previous post I wrote about TAPS. The people writing on the Syfy forum were all spot on about the story of the couple from NH. And, like I said, I was wondering when it would disappear. And, it did. I read that they would have a huge crew out on every investigation. Which for me that contaminates their investigation. Period.
Now, as for Ghost Adventures. It's a three man group. And, they do Lock Down. Now, unless they are proven to be frauds. I'll back these guys up. 100%. And, they look like they are really enjoying themselves. Which is very refreshing. A breath of fresh air.
You need new blood and clear eyes seeing the investigation. And, have a different approach to get results. Keep up the good work guys. Can't wait for your new season.

Book Review: "Night Stalks The Mansion" by Constance Westbie and Harold Cameron

When looking up Haunted Pennsylvania. Heilbron Mansion comes up on the south east corner of the state. Sixteen miles south of Philly. The mansion was at one time called Edwards Mansion.
Let me clear one thing up right now. This is a simple ghost story. Very simple. Not really "spooky" at all. And, I believe, there was a lot of poetic license taken on Mr. Cameron's part. And, that's ok.
Did I like the book, yes. But, for a personal reason. My son lives in Media, PA. Where the story is based (in the book he calls the place Wynne which is really Elwyn, part of Media). And, me, from NYC originally. It gives me insight to how me and Mr. Cameron view "the area". It has it's vibes. Believe me when I say this. You can drive around and it can give you really creepy chills. I've been in old towns in Upstate NY and MA and never get that feel. Mr. Cameron is originally from CA. And, this book was based around the early '60's. But, still very much the same.
But, the story itself? No different from many ghost stories you hear around these parts. Do I recommend to read it? It's a good ghost story for those who don't like to be scare out of their minds. And, young teens.
He made changes of where the house is located. Like I said above, the town is Media, PA on the corner of Painter Road and Rose Tree Road. The creek he mentions is Ridley Creek.
You cannot see the original home. It's been burnt down twice. But the foundation is the same for both houses. A third has been built since then. The outer area have been made into housing developments. So, very little of what was there is gone.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Movies: Halloween and Friday the 13th. Just Thinking?

I live not far from Haddonfield in New Jersey. A place that have historical American history attached to it. Where Dolly Madison danced the night away as a young woman.
But, did you know that Debra Hill was born in Haddonfield? And, was co-author to Halloween? Which is where the movie is set. But, in Illinois. Steven Spielberg and Miss Vicky (wife of Tiny Tim) have connections to Haddonfield also? (See the show biz connection?)
But, what is also "weird" is that the movie Friday the 13th has a character called Jason Voorhees. The township of Voorhees is about 7 miles away from Haddonfield. And, Camp Crystal Lake? Well in Westmont there is a lake called Crystal Lake just 3 miles west of Haddonfield. The Camp was filmed at Blairstown (notice: Blair Witch) at a Boys Scout Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco
I find personally all the parallels are very intriguing. To me that is. But, alas, sadly they don't celebrate these two movie during Halloween. Halloween is a little bit on the down low around these parts.
Remember, this is all my personal observations. Just thinking.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harry's Occult Shop, Philly

I know some of you guys might not believe in psychics. But, I do. I believe some people are born sensitives. And, maybe able to help guide you through a tough problem.
I myself, is a sensitive. But, not that great. Just enough to have some insight to things. But, the problem with psychics you have to know the "right" ones.
Please, people, don't go to Gypsies. You know, those stands that you see here and there. I can tell you flat out. They are not real. Their out to make a buck for you not knowing the real deal when you see it.
Harry's Occult Shop in Philly have been around for a century. At the same location. I go there once in a while to get a reading. And, maybe pick up a candle that has been "dressed" for me. Sometimes on the weekend college students who love to go up and down South Street for a good time. Stop by the shop. And, they seems lost? I guess is that the shop doesn't look the way they guess it should look like. The place looks like an old chemist shop. There are many people that work at the shop. All are from different beliefs. So, they can serve you to what you are looking for. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Also, they teach people how to read.
So, if ever in Philly. Have a nice day at South Street. Eat at some of the new restaurants down there. Like Supper and Brauhaus Schmitz . And, then go over for a reading. It's your new experience into the paranormal.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New "Animal" Paranormal Show

Animal Planet Discovery Network will feature a new show called "Haunted Animals". It would be about interaction between animals and the paranormal.
They are recently filming at Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder, Kentucky.
They are asking people to submit their haunted stories to them for upcoming shows.

The Problem With TAPS. Yes, Again!

Well, here we go again. Like I told you guys before I haven't been on the forums, lately. But, this weekend I thought I'll cruise some sites. And, no surprise the same riots about TAPS comes up. Yes, I watch ALL the paranormal shows, even theirs. But, this thing with TAPS never goes away.
First, let's understand that this is a group of ordinary people, from different walks of life that first got together in a Starbucks. Formed a group and voila! Their special? No, they just knew how to build themselves and their group to be recognized by the public. Another words, they knew how to work "the system" in their favor. That's no small feat. It just happened to be the right people at the right time. But, should their investigative techniques. Or, finds be seen as the best and only way? No. And, that's the problems with TAPS.
First of all, their not the friendliest group of people. Nobody can go on their forum to ask any questions that may seem negative to them. It's "off with their heads!" don't let the door kick you on the way out of the forum (FYI your thrown out by the way). And, they defend no matter how bad the situation makes them look, to the death that their right. Or, create it to look that their finds is correct! And, the TAPScon and other Cons. There's money that is still owed to fans. That just doesn't make them look too Kosher. Now, that's a story for another day. But, even there they seem to distant themselves. Jason and Grant bought a Bed and Breakfast in NH. We all know that this was bought to keep the money coming in AFTER Ghost Hunters ends. But, this year there was a surprise to viewers that there's no Halloween Special. And, now on the forums discussion of the latest TV client on-line "first ever" complaint is going full force. Which surprises me? I think Syfy maybe seeing the end of GH coming sooner than we think. Otherwise, why not lock the post? Then some inappropriateness complaint about another member Maybe nails on the coffin has been going on that we as viewers don't know about. I can't believe that Syfy doesn't realize that all this stuff have been going on unbeknown to them?
Them doing all this makes all these other shows look like cupcakes. Gee, that even gives me a toothache thinking if this could really be true?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ending OF Summer: White Witch Of Rose Hall, Jamaica

Well, the official end of summer is coming. So, I though this would be a good story to give you guys.
Rose Hall Plantation was built 1820. Annie Mae Palmer was born in Paris of Anglo-Irish descent. She married John Palmer a architect. During the years of living at Rose Hall she had several husbands. She was into voodoo, Obeah magic. She had everyone terrorized of her. Mainly males both husbands and slaves, that she would bed, die suspiciously. She is believed to have died during a slave uprisings of 1831 in her bed.
Rose Hall was restored by Miss USA Michele Rolling and her husband in 1965. There's a Bar/Restaurant in the basement that use to be the Dungeon. There is also a Ritz-Carlton built on the grounds with golf course.
There's a book written by Herbert G. de Lisser, The White Witch of Rose Hall. And, Johnny Cash (yes, Johnny Cash) written a song called, "Ballad of Annie Palmer".
As for hauntings? The usual footsteps, glimpses. But, the many story is a mirror that somehow you can see someone else other then yourself inside the mirror.

If you look close enough. You can see a woman.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More, Spooky Youtube's

Whenever I find weird or creepy youtube's I'll most def post them here. So, here's a couple I think you guys would find interesting.
This one is interesting. But, it's very close to a Blair witch copy.

This one has to have a scientific answer to it. See it for yourself.

This one I put up because it could be explained to how this happens. *Hint*: Water.

Hope you enjoyed them.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The DANGERS Of Ghost Hunting

Well, I knew I would hear this one sooner or later. This past week at the University of Toronto. A couple, on their first date went through a ground floor window to gain access to a building that is to believed to be haunted by a professor that taught painting died there in 2001 by someone unknown. The were planning to go "ghost hunting" on their first date. Once in, they climbed the stair to the roof. It seemed the plan was to jump to the other building roof-to-roof. The guy got over. But, the 29 year old woman's line rope broke as she tried to jump over. And, plunged down to the ground to her death.
This shows how you should never trespass any place without permission. And, find out first how safe is it to go venturing a place after dark.

Popcorn Movie Review: "The Maid" (DVD)

I have recently wrote a post about The Hungry Ghost Festival that is held each year in China. So, I was a little surprised to see on Fearnet a scary movie was made based on the festival.
Not to do a "spoiler" thing here. But, I'll give you the bases of the movie. A 18 year old girl goes to Singapore from the Philippines to help pay for medical expenses for her younger brother who is ill. So, she takes on a maids job with a couple with an adult son that is slightly retarded. They also are stage actors that make scenery and clothes for their troupe.
But, odd things begin to occur to the young girl. I'll leave it at that.
The movie isn't that bad. But, not great either. So, bottom line, it's the kind of movie you might watch when you want to see a spooky movie. You know! Your in the "mood". But that's it! It's not something you would go out of the way to buy, or watch with someone. It's for a lark. Then it's not that bad.

*** 1/2 Popcorn Buckets

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paranormal Radio Shows. What Are They About?

I know I haven't written about paranormal radio shows or podcast. I have listen to maybe about four of them. To me there not the informative as they should be. But, to be fair there seems to be quite a bit of them out there. The shows that I have listened to seemed to rehash information from before. Meaning, if it's about a TV show. Then all your going to hear about is the show that we already have seen and know about. Or, (most of the time) it's just a forum to speak about themselves and what they are going to do next. And, they always seem quite nervous and lose touch of what they are talking about.
So, the bottom line is, why have these shows? I think they are just trying to build a fan base. Or, this is the only medium they can have a show on. Or, just to push books, websites, etc.
I'm not to crazy about the use of radio for this purpose. It would be nice to have a regular show that runs smoothly. Like the old radio shows. Intro, what's been going on since they were last on, what's coming around the bend for fans. They have to keep focus on running it the same every week. Maybe then I'll listen. But, if any of you guys got a show I should listen to, let me know.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great Halloween Food Recipes

Some people come with the most ingenious Halloween food ideas for parties. Heck, you can do them all year long. Some are too kiddie. But, I'm here to give the adult recipes.
Hope you enjoy looking through the sites. But, remember, to make it different each year. It can get boring quick.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paranormal Forums. What Are People Looking For From Them?

Sorry again guys didn't realize I'm so sick. It's not the flu. But, it's harsh. Anyway, I personally haven't been on any forums lately because quite frankly, it's boring. All the conversations seems to have gone full circle.
I was having a conversation with my son about his online gaming. To make a long story short, he quit. He said it just gone too personal. He had to be there no matter what else was going on with his life. And, the people were just getting too odd for him. He said that was it. I told him I felt the same way about the forums.
What do people want? Friends? Online friends to me are not real. Yes, I know their "real" people. But, you can drop them like it's hot. And, to meet them in person? Is a little creepy to me. Love the Youtube's "The Guild". Very similar situations, but, done in a comic sort of way. Now, for the paranormal forums were back to the old believer vs. skeptics, the people involved with a investigative group (trying to build membership), wackos, just plain lonely people, and the know-it-all's. Oh, and let's not forget, "the one word" posters (trying to gain posts so people will think their important). There might be some I'm missing here, but, you get the idea. When I first signed up. I though, "Gee, there's people out there that might see what I see. Or, feel the same way I do". I was wrong, just a waste of my time. You have to watch very closely to what you say. Or, else riots ensue. Oh, heaven forbid, your suspended or banned (which neither has happened to me, yet!). That's not my bag.
I personally think some people just have too much time on their hands. Or, they should just go outside and join the living. And, if you can't sleep, see a doctor. Because all these forums close up, and people leave sooner or later. So, join the real world. Hey, join a paranormal group. At least your getting air. I only spend an hour a day on the blog. And, for the first time in a while I'm reading books. Something I use to love to do. And, I can do it anywhere. Just try it! Meet "real" people that you can actually smell them (it's my attempt at humor).

Friday, September 4, 2009

Halloween Travels, USA

Sorry, guys! Been busy lately. So, anyway, there are plenty of places to go to on Halloween. My personal favorite is in NYC the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village. Love artists! They plan all year long. Floats, costumes, some naughty. It's for the adults, if you know what I mean (wink!). In Queens NYC you can visit Houdini's grave. Every Halloween people go to see if he will do his greatest escape, from his grave. The second is Eastern State Pen in Philly. It's one heck of a "real" haunted house (big house, get it?). And, there's great restaurants to visit right across the street.
But, there are others, that will interest you too! Salem, MA it's the whole darn town, witches, warlocks, and all. Now, you really can't beat that. New Orleans, LA now that's one haunted town. The cemeteries themselves are a great place to visit. Key West, FL is another haunted location, with sun and fun attached. They have a bar down there that a real hangman's tree is dead center of the bar. And, some people that were hung are still buried under that tree, creepy huh. And, this is just a sample.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Official Start For Halloween!

Well, kiddies, this is the start to prepare for Halloween. Trips to haunted locations, attractions, parties, food, movies, the works!
So, to start off, I'll start with best websites for buying the best decorations for home and parties. (I like this one myself)