Monday, September 14, 2009

The DANGERS Of Ghost Hunting

Well, I knew I would hear this one sooner or later. This past week at the University of Toronto. A couple, on their first date went through a ground floor window to gain access to a building that is to believed to be haunted by a professor that taught painting died there in 2001 by someone unknown. The were planning to go "ghost hunting" on their first date. Once in, they climbed the stair to the roof. It seemed the plan was to jump to the other building roof-to-roof. The guy got over. But, the 29 year old woman's line rope broke as she tried to jump over. And, plunged down to the ground to her death.
This shows how you should never trespass any place without permission. And, find out first how safe is it to go venturing a place after dark.

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