Monday, September 21, 2009

The Problem With TAPS. Yes, Again!

Well, here we go again. Like I told you guys before I haven't been on the forums, lately. But, this weekend I thought I'll cruise some sites. And, no surprise the same riots about TAPS comes up. Yes, I watch ALL the paranormal shows, even theirs. But, this thing with TAPS never goes away.
First, let's understand that this is a group of ordinary people, from different walks of life that first got together in a Starbucks. Formed a group and voila! Their special? No, they just knew how to build themselves and their group to be recognized by the public. Another words, they knew how to work "the system" in their favor. That's no small feat. It just happened to be the right people at the right time. But, should their investigative techniques. Or, finds be seen as the best and only way? No. And, that's the problems with TAPS.
First of all, their not the friendliest group of people. Nobody can go on their forum to ask any questions that may seem negative to them. It's "off with their heads!" don't let the door kick you on the way out of the forum (FYI your thrown out by the way). And, they defend no matter how bad the situation makes them look, to the death that their right. Or, create it to look that their finds is correct! And, the TAPScon and other Cons. There's money that is still owed to fans. That just doesn't make them look too Kosher. Now, that's a story for another day. But, even there they seem to distant themselves. Jason and Grant bought a Bed and Breakfast in NH. We all know that this was bought to keep the money coming in AFTER Ghost Hunters ends. But, this year there was a surprise to viewers that there's no Halloween Special. And, now on the forums discussion of the latest TV client on-line "first ever" complaint is going full force. Which surprises me? I think Syfy maybe seeing the end of GH coming sooner than we think. Otherwise, why not lock the post? Then some inappropriateness complaint about another member Maybe nails on the coffin has been going on that we as viewers don't know about. I can't believe that Syfy doesn't realize that all this stuff have been going on unbeknown to them?
Them doing all this makes all these other shows look like cupcakes. Gee, that even gives me a toothache thinking if this could really be true?

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