Friday, September 4, 2009

Halloween Travels, USA

Sorry, guys! Been busy lately. So, anyway, there are plenty of places to go to on Halloween. My personal favorite is in NYC the Halloween Parade in Greenwich Village. Love artists! They plan all year long. Floats, costumes, some naughty. It's for the adults, if you know what I mean (wink!). In Queens NYC you can visit Houdini's grave. Every Halloween people go to see if he will do his greatest escape, from his grave. The second is Eastern State Pen in Philly. It's one heck of a "real" haunted house (big house, get it?). And, there's great restaurants to visit right across the street.
But, there are others, that will interest you too! Salem, MA it's the whole darn town, witches, warlocks, and all. Now, you really can't beat that. New Orleans, LA now that's one haunted town. The cemeteries themselves are a great place to visit. Key West, FL is another haunted location, with sun and fun attached. They have a bar down there that a real hangman's tree is dead center of the bar. And, some people that were hung are still buried under that tree, creepy huh. And, this is just a sample.

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