Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ending OF Summer: White Witch Of Rose Hall, Jamaica

Well, the official end of summer is coming. So, I though this would be a good story to give you guys.
Rose Hall Plantation was built 1820. Annie Mae Palmer was born in Paris of Anglo-Irish descent. She married John Palmer a architect. During the years of living at Rose Hall she had several husbands. She was into voodoo, Obeah magic. She had everyone terrorized of her. Mainly males both husbands and slaves, that she would bed, die suspiciously. She is believed to have died during a slave uprisings of 1831 in her bed.
Rose Hall was restored by Miss USA Michele Rolling and her husband in 1965. There's a Bar/Restaurant in the basement that use to be the Dungeon. There is also a Ritz-Carlton built on the grounds with golf course.
There's a book written by Herbert G. de Lisser, The White Witch of Rose Hall. And, Johnny Cash (yes, Johnny Cash) written a song called, "Ballad of Annie Palmer".
As for hauntings? The usual footsteps, glimpses. But, the many story is a mirror that somehow you can see someone else other then yourself inside the mirror.

If you look close enough. You can see a woman.

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