Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harry's Occult Shop, Philly

I know some of you guys might not believe in psychics. But, I do. I believe some people are born sensitives. And, maybe able to help guide you through a tough problem.
I myself, is a sensitive. But, not that great. Just enough to have some insight to things. But, the problem with psychics you have to know the "right" ones.
Please, people, don't go to Gypsies. You know, those stands that you see here and there. I can tell you flat out. They are not real. Their out to make a buck for you not knowing the real deal when you see it.
Harry's Occult Shop in Philly have been around for a century. At the same location. I go there once in a while to get a reading. And, maybe pick up a candle that has been "dressed" for me. Sometimes on the weekend college students who love to go up and down South Street for a good time. Stop by the shop. And, they seems lost? I guess is that the shop doesn't look the way they guess it should look like. The place looks like an old chemist shop. There are many people that work at the shop. All are from different beliefs. So, they can serve you to what you are looking for. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Also, they teach people how to read.
So, if ever in Philly. Have a nice day at South Street. Eat at some of the new restaurants down there. Like Supper and Brauhaus Schmitz . And, then go over for a reading. It's your new experience into the paranormal.

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