Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paranormal Forums. What Are People Looking For From Them?

Sorry again guys didn't realize I'm so sick. It's not the flu. But, it's harsh. Anyway, I personally haven't been on any forums lately because quite frankly, it's boring. All the conversations seems to have gone full circle.
I was having a conversation with my son about his online gaming. To make a long story short, he quit. He said it just gone too personal. He had to be there no matter what else was going on with his life. And, the people were just getting too odd for him. He said that was it. I told him I felt the same way about the forums.
What do people want? Friends? Online friends to me are not real. Yes, I know their "real" people. But, you can drop them like it's hot. And, to meet them in person? Is a little creepy to me. Love the Youtube's "The Guild". Very similar situations, but, done in a comic sort of way. Now, for the paranormal forums were back to the old believer vs. skeptics, the people involved with a investigative group (trying to build membership), wackos, just plain lonely people, and the know-it-all's. Oh, and let's not forget, "the one word" posters (trying to gain posts so people will think their important). There might be some I'm missing here, but, you get the idea. When I first signed up. I though, "Gee, there's people out there that might see what I see. Or, feel the same way I do". I was wrong, just a waste of my time. You have to watch very closely to what you say. Or, else riots ensue. Oh, heaven forbid, your suspended or banned (which neither has happened to me, yet!). That's not my bag.
I personally think some people just have too much time on their hands. Or, they should just go outside and join the living. And, if you can't sleep, see a doctor. Because all these forums close up, and people leave sooner or later. So, join the real world. Hey, join a paranormal group. At least your getting air. I only spend an hour a day on the blog. And, for the first time in a while I'm reading books. Something I use to love to do. And, I can do it anywhere. Just try it! Meet "real" people that you can actually smell them (it's my attempt at humor).

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