Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Movies: Halloween and Friday the 13th. Just Thinking?

I live not far from Haddonfield in New Jersey. A place that have historical American history attached to it. Where Dolly Madison danced the night away as a young woman.
But, did you know that Debra Hill was born in Haddonfield? And, was co-author to Halloween? Which is where the movie is set. But, in Illinois. Steven Spielberg and Miss Vicky (wife of Tiny Tim) have connections to Haddonfield also? (See the show biz connection?)
But, what is also "weird" is that the movie Friday the 13th has a character called Jason Voorhees. The township of Voorhees is about 7 miles away from Haddonfield. And, Camp Crystal Lake? Well in Westmont there is a lake called Crystal Lake just 3 miles west of Haddonfield. The Camp was filmed at Blairstown (notice: Blair Witch) at a Boys Scout Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco
I find personally all the parallels are very intriguing. To me that is. But, alas, sadly they don't celebrate these two movie during Halloween. Halloween is a little bit on the down low around these parts.
Remember, this is all my personal observations. Just thinking.

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