Thursday, September 10, 2009

Paranormal Radio Shows. What Are They About?

I know I haven't written about paranormal radio shows or podcast. I have listen to maybe about four of them. To me there not the informative as they should be. But, to be fair there seems to be quite a bit of them out there. The shows that I have listened to seemed to rehash information from before. Meaning, if it's about a TV show. Then all your going to hear about is the show that we already have seen and know about. Or, (most of the time) it's just a forum to speak about themselves and what they are going to do next. And, they always seem quite nervous and lose touch of what they are talking about.
So, the bottom line is, why have these shows? I think they are just trying to build a fan base. Or, this is the only medium they can have a show on. Or, just to push books, websites, etc.
I'm not to crazy about the use of radio for this purpose. It would be nice to have a regular show that runs smoothly. Like the old radio shows. Intro, what's been going on since they were last on, what's coming around the bend for fans. They have to keep focus on running it the same every week. Maybe then I'll listen. But, if any of you guys got a show I should listen to, let me know.

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