Monday, September 14, 2009

Popcorn Movie Review: "The Maid" (DVD)

I have recently wrote a post about The Hungry Ghost Festival that is held each year in China. So, I was a little surprised to see on Fearnet a scary movie was made based on the festival.
Not to do a "spoiler" thing here. But, I'll give you the bases of the movie. A 18 year old girl goes to Singapore from the Philippines to help pay for medical expenses for her younger brother who is ill. So, she takes on a maids job with a couple with an adult son that is slightly retarded. They also are stage actors that make scenery and clothes for their troupe.
But, odd things begin to occur to the young girl. I'll leave it at that.
The movie isn't that bad. But, not great either. So, bottom line, it's the kind of movie you might watch when you want to see a spooky movie. You know! Your in the "mood". But that's it! It's not something you would go out of the way to buy, or watch with someone. It's for a lark. Then it's not that bad.

*** 1/2 Popcorn Buckets

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